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World-famous surfing, volcanic black beaches and James Cook are not all that can characterize the main island of French Polynesia. Diving in Tahiti is equally stunning, with the waters around it teeming with life and boasting a variety of marine predators and pelagic fish. When diving, you will find vibrant coral reefs, underwater caves and canyons, sunken ships and encounters with the amazing inhabitants of the underwater world of Polynesia. On the reefs of Tahiti , both beginners and experienced divers will find many opportunities for development and adventure.

When to dive in Tahiti

The currents around French Polynesia are very warm all year round and visibility is generally quite good, with the exception of the Marquesas Islands. Usually from 10 to 30 meters. The average water temperature is 26-28° C. As a rule, in the dry season it can be a couple of degrees higher, and in the rainy season, correspondingly lower.

The optimal period for diving off the coast of Tahiti is considered to be the dry season - from April to November .


Where to dive in Tahiti

dive sites in Tahiti are located on the northwest side of Tahiti Island Nui (most of Tahiti ). The conditions for diving here are ideal, and the wealth of underwater fauna exceeds all expectations. In terms of convenience, diving on this side of the islands also benefits. Many sites are within a 15-minute boat ride. Based on your skills and wishes, instructors will determine the desired location. Choice may depend on weather conditions on a particular day.

The depth on the reefs varies from 5 to 25 meters. There are many places for inexperienced divers to practice. Experienced divers have access to extreme dives to caves, coral tunnels at depths of up to 50-60 meters and drift diving . diving with intense currents.


Best dive sites Tahiti

The Aquarium

One of the universal sites that beginners still love. In addition to the underwater fauna, here you will see an American seaplane Cessna 172. In 1995, it crashed off the coast of Tahiti and was moved to The Aquarium , to a depth of 7 meters. You can also swim near two sunken boats.

  • Dive type : lagoon.
  • Maximum depth : 12 meters.

Papa Whiskey

This huge open water amphitheater is almost 75 meters long. Available only to experienced divers . Formed as a result of the collapse of a wide part of the plateau. There are two different dives you can do at this site. In the southern part - to the one covered with yellow gorgonians on the wall. On the northern side, in addition to gorgonians , there are huge populations of tuna . At the level of 50 meters the slope becomes steeper and turns into a vertical wall inhabited by large gorgons.

  • Dive type :
  • Maximum depth: 50 meters.

La Vallee Blanche

Or White Valley. This is a beautiful drift diving site located at the tip of the Faaa Lagoon . The site is particularly famous for its underwater fauna and is considered the best dive site off the coast of Tahiti . You are sure to see several species of sharks, numerous silver trevally , giant triggerfish and most of the species found in Polynesia .

  • Dive type: ocean.
  • Maximum depth: 60 meters.

The Spring

The average depth is 18 meters, maximum 30 meters. Popular dive site with easy access and good visibility, in clear weather up to 30 meters. Belongs to the standard category. Best suited for CMAS*/OW certified divers .

Lagoon Hole

For beginners and experienced divers . Low current with good visibility. The average depth is 27 meters.

St Etienne Drop - Off

A cliff with vertical walls where you can admire the incredible biodiversity ​Depth - about 60 meters. For experienced CMAS**/AOW certified divers only.


Underwater world of Tahiti : sharks and more

At most sites you will find a variety of top local aquatic fauna: mottled fish, parrotfish and clownfish, turtles, giant wrasses, eagle rays and large manta rays , dolphins, whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, and lemon sharks. It is considered lucky to spot a humpback whale near the islands. For this opportunity, it is better to dive in Tahiti from August to October, which is the period of migration of giant animals.


Diving with sharks in Tahiti

There are more than 350 species of sharks known in the world, 19 of which are found in Polynesian latitudes. Dive operators offer private liveaboard tours to areas where several species of predators are more likely to be encountered. If you want to tickle your nerves and watch sharks in their natural habitat, here you will have the opportunity. There are up to 8 different species living around Tahiti and the neighboring island of Moorea . Among them are reef, oceanic, hammerhead, lemon, tiger, nurse sharks and others.

The cost of such an experience is about 1000-1200 euros for a group of divers of 5 people. The journey takes up to 8 hours. This includes a morning dive, lunch on board, an afternoon dive, a snack and a sunset dive. Swimming among sharks is an unforgettable adventure that breaks all emotional barriers! The main thing is to follow the safety rules.


Diving in Tahiti - prices and offers

On average, a standard 2-hour dive in Tahiti will cost $70-$100 per person.

As a rule, the price includes :

  • Accompanied by a dive instructor .
  • Transfer by boat to the dive site.
  • Equipment (tank, weight, weight belt, buoyancy compensator, regulators with sensors, mask, snorkel, fins).
  • Dive computers can usually be rented.

During the peak months, namely July and August, prices for everything usually increase. This also applies to the services of dive centers . If we consider the pricing policy based on optimal weather for diving, choose transitional periods - May and June, September and October .

dive operators in Tahiti provide quality training and support services :

  • Eleuthera Tahiti
  • Fluid Plongee Tahiti
  • Tahiti Iti Diving
  • ScubaTek Tahiti
  • Topdive Tahiti


Where to stay for diving in Tahiti

The best option would be housing on the northwestern coast of the island, where almost all dive schools and the best diving locations are located.

  • Manava Suite Resort Tahiti
  • Te Moana Tahiti Resort
  • InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa
  • Hime Lodge
  • Hotel Tahiti Nui
  • Hilton Hotel Tahiti
  • Kon Tiki Tahiti Polynesian Cabins

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti
Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

You can order hotel selection in Tahiti on wiotto.com

Tahiti in your diving tour of the islands of French Polynesia . These are places of incredibly rich underwater life in the Pacific Ocean. The pleasure of underwater adventures is guaranteed!


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