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August in Bali is the height of the dry season, when the rains have receded and the sun accompanies you much more often. This is the most popular month among tourists, because in the middle of summer Bali can be crowded, and coastal resorts are in maximum demand.


Weather in Bali in August

The peak of the high season in Bali occurs in the second half of summer. It's all about the weather, which at this time is optimal for any kind of travel around the island and beach holidays. Therefore, it will be the right decision to book tickets, hotels and scooters in advance. It is also better to book organized excursions in advance, several days in advance.

The air temperature in August ranges from 21-22ºC at night and up to 29-32ºC during the day. The average precipitation is about 3 mm. There are no more than 3-5 rainy days throughout the entire month.


Where to go and what to do in Bali in August

The third month of summer in Bali promises not only weather for action-packed excursions and water activities, but also an excellent cultural program. We suggest looking at everything you can do during a sunny holiday in Bali below.

Conquest of the Batur volcano

Batur is an active volcano, which every self-respecting tourist should climb. This adventurous route is quite popular, one might say the most popular trekking in Bali . It's all about the stunning views that open from the top at sunrise. For maximum effect, clear weather is needed, without fog or precipitation. Hikes usually start from the foot of the mountain, from the villages of Kintamani , Penelokan and Toya Bungkah . The journey to Batur begins at night to catch the sunrise at the top.


Bali Safari and Marine Park

In Bali , you can go to an amazing place - Safari Park and Marine Park, where more than a thousand species live in natural conditions . This is a branch of the famous Taman park chain in Indonesia. Safari , located near the town of Grignard . During your safari bus ride you will see tigers, lions, elephants, meerkats , monkeys, giraffes and other animals. In the reserve you can ride an elephant, see rare fish, dine at a themed restaurant, watch an animal show and have fun in a small water park. Particularly impressive is the night safari and feeding of crocodiles. A wonderful place for an active family holiday in Bali , which will bring a lot of impressions.


Excursion to Noosa Penida

around Bali , where excursion groups take you. The most impressive place that you definitely need to visit is Noosa Penida . The island is located 12 kilometers from the southeastern side of Bali and is separated by the Badung Strait . On Noosa Penida offers landscapes that look like beautiful graphics. In particular, this applies to the Atuh coast Beach , with its thousand-year-old rocks. Be sure to see the panorama of the surrounding beauty from the Thousand observation decks Island and Manta Point . On Broken Beach also makes for stunning photos. Snorkeling and diving are definitely worth spending time here. Very beautiful live reef on Noosa Penida attracts divers from all over the world.

Read all the information about diving in Bali .

How to get to Noosa Penida :

  • By ferry from Padang Bai port.
  • By speedboat from Sanur port .
  • As part of a tour group.


Hike to Sekumpul waterfall

Another fascinating place in Bali is Sekumpul waterfall , the largest and most picturesque on the island. In dense tropical thickets, 7 narrow cascades, with a height of 80 to 100 meters, descend from the cliffs. It's not that fast to get here, but it's a worthy sight. The hiking route passes through rice fields, coffee plantations and shady jungle paths. The journey lasts about 3 hours one way. There are many variations of excursions. A visit to Sekumpula can be done on the same tour as Banyumala Falls, Bedugul Temple or Batur Climb . Traveling in August offers a better chance of sunny weather and great photos.


Festivals and holidays in Bali in August

The busy high season in Bali offers not only dynamic travel and a gentle ocean. In August you can also witness the incredibly colorful Balinese holidays.

Ubud Jazz Festival

Gathers lovers of jazz music annually, in mid-August. For two days in Ubud you can listen to the world's best performers, traditionally on the grounds of the Agung Rai Art Museum .

Sanur Village Festival

The most anticipated event in Sanur . The holiday was created, first of all, to attract tourists to the authentic village. But over time it became one of the largest events in Bali . The festival reflects the island's culture through craft workshops, traditional music and dance, colorful decorations, art exhibitions and ethnic food. This is a great place to get acquainted with Balinese traditions.


Indonesian Independence Day

Every year on August 17, Indonesia celebrates Independence Day. Therefore, the middle of the month in Bali and other islands is eventful. Everywhere you can see colorful parades, folk festivals, kite flying, fireworks, competitions and master classes, trading stalls with local dishes and handicrafts. In Lapangan Park Puputan Margarana always hosts a military parade. Particularly vibrant celebrations are organized in the tourist areas of Bali - in Kuta, Seminyak and other seaside resorts.

Get ready for an unforgettable holiday in Bali in August. The high season will delight you with a variety of events and travel.

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