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The Maldives in June is a good choice for those who prefer to vacation at reasonable prices, while not minding the occasional rain and possible winds.

Weather in Maldives in June

When planning your vacation for the first month of summer, you need to remember that June in the Maldives is a combination of tropical rains (which are short-lived and usually occur at night), warm temperatures with high humidity, as well as an alternation of sunny and cloudy days.

The length of daylight hours in June is about 12 hours, of which on average about 8 are sunny. Given that the Maldives are located in close proximity to the equator, the sun's rays are quite active here. Therefore, it is recommended to use sunscreen even in cloudy weather.

  • Daytime air temperature: on average, it is about 30 degrees.
  • The air temperature at night: as a rule, it does not drop below 26 degrees.
  • Water temperature: remains at 29 degrees.

Мальдивы в июне

Maldives in June, prices

June in the Maldives is considered a low season, so vacation prices can be reduced by 40-50% compared to the winter period. The most popular in the Maldives are two types of accommodation:

  • Hostels, guesthouses offering budget holidays on shared islands. In June, a double room with breakfast included at affordable guesthouses such as Quicksand on Rasdhoo Island can be booked for an average of US $ 40-60 per night (+ taxes and fees).
  • Resorts - 4 and 5 stars. For example, in June you can stay at the beach villa Meeru Island Resort & Spa 4 * at the price of 868 US dollars for three (!) Days. In this case, food, as well as all taxes and fees are included in the cost of the rest. At the popular Bandos Island Resort & Spa 4 *, 3 days of rest with breakfast included (plus taxes and fees) will cost about $ 500.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa
Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Best places to stay in June in the Maldives

For those wishing to go to the Maldives in June, the weather can bring surprises in the form of intermittent rains and gusts of wind.

However, due to global climate changes, forecasting weather conditions is becoming an increasingly difficult task, so you should not rely entirely on forecasts and deny yourself a rest only because of the likelihood of bad weather.

This chance can be greatly reduced by choosing the right atoll for your ideal vacation.

  • So, for example, in June in the Male Atoll region, 6 sunny days have an average of 6 rainy days. Moreover, the average wind speed in this region is about 6 m / s.
  • Almost the same weather persists in Baa Atoll, near which the world famous Hanifaru Nature Reserve is located.
  • At the same time, June is one of the quietest and driest months of the year on Addu Atoll. The rains here usually last no more than 3 days, and the average wind speed is only 3.5 m / s.
  • On the Laviani and Raa atolls, cloudy days prevail in June (over 60%), and the average wind speed is about 6.5 m / s.
  • Among the leaders in terms of the amount of possible precipitation in June is Haa Alifu Atoll, located in the northern part of the Maldives archipelago. For each 11-12 rainy days there can be only 2 sunny days, with an average wind speed of more than 7 m / s.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives Resort
Milaidhoo Island Maldives Resort

Diving in the Maldives in June

Since the Maldives has a southwestern monsoon in June, bringing in the rainy and windy season, divers can expect choppy seas and some loss of visibility. However, this period also has its positive aspects. Many divers during this period are attracted by low prices and a small number of tourists in comparison with the winter period.

In addition, throughout the year the water temperature in the area of ​​the Maldives archipelago does not go beyond 27-29 degrees. Manta rays, turtles, whale and reef sharks are found here all year round. Meeting with them depends not so much on seasonal factors as on everyday factors such as flows of the water and sunrise and sunset.

Therefore, deciding to dive in June, do not worry about the weather conditions. It is better to take care of the correct choice of diving location.

In June, one of the most popular places for watching stingrays and whale sharks is the North Male Atoll. In addition to meeting large sea inhabitants, while diving in Male Atolls, you can admire colorful corals, many tropical fish, and also see the sunken ships "Maldives Victory" and "Seagull".

Addu Atoll, the southernmost atoll in the Maldives, offers visitors the opportunity to watch manta rays all year round. In addition, here you can make an exciting dive to the huge oil tanker "British Loyalty", where the sea life is in full swing.

Baa Atoll, Hanifaru Bay. Despite the fact that the period from August to November is considered the best time to watch whale sharks and rays, these marine inhabitants are happy to meet tourists in June as well.

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives
Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Surfing the Maldives in June

Surfing spots in the Maldives can be roughly divided into three regions:

  • Male atolls (they are also knows as the Northern atolls);
  • Central atolls (Taa, Laamu, Mimu);
  • Southern Atolls (Huvadhoo, Adu).

The surfing season depends on the atoll you want to go to. From May to October, when the southwest monsoon blows, the best surfing spots are in the North and Central Atolls. From June to August, stronger waves are observed here than in the southern part of the archipelago.

In the south of the country, the surfing season is shorter and there are usually no waves from mid-May to mid-August.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas
Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

What to bring with you to the Maldives in June

Going to the Maldives in the summer, you should take with you:

  • light clothing suitable for the tropics;
  • a light sweater or raincoat in case of wind and rain;
  • shoes with rubber soles (aqua shoes);
  • sunscreens;
  • repellents from mosquitoes and other insects;
  • first aid kit;
  • diving or snorkeling equipment.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives


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