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On the ground, above the ground and even under water... In these “three dimensions” you can not only visit, but also enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes and drinks, making an unforgettable culinary journey through the gastronomic establishments of the Maldives. And their carefully thought-out menu can satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets.

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Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Three pillars of Maldivian cuisine

Traditional Maldivian cuisine is based on three main elements: rice, coconut and seafood.

As it should be in a sea country, the gifts of the ocean in one form or another will await travelers in almost every gastronomic establishment, be it a fashionable restaurant in a luxury resort or a small eatery on a local island. You can also find boiled rice in almost every menu. And coconut can be used in grated form or squeezed to obtain coconut milk. And coconut oil is widely used for deep-frying dishes.

Curry occupies a special place in Maldivian cuisine. Chicken, fish or vegetable, it will also be featured on the menu of many establishments.

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But since the Maldives is a popular tourist destination, local resorts are trying to diversify the menu of their restaurants to best suit the gastronomic needs of all categories of travelers. Thus, most resorts offer their guests dishes not only of traditional Maldivian, but also international cuisine, including Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai and French, as well as vegetarian options.

Generally, on most resort islands you will find a main restaurant offering a wide range of buffet dishes, as well as a la carte options.

Read more about what food systems exist in the Maldives, and what to look for when choosing the type of food at a hotel.

Now that we are familiar with the basic generally accepted concepts, let's take a look at a few menus and see what Maldivian restaurants treat their guests to.


Restaurant SEA.FIRE.SPICE.SKY in Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

The four-in-one restaurant concept provides visitors with the opportunity to:

  • watch sharks and turtles, enjoy gastronomy and fine wines under the surface of the ocean at the SEA restaurant;
  • appreciate the vibrant culinary show at the Japanese restaurant FIRE;
  • get acquainted with the fiery tastes of Asia combined with colorful sunsets at the SPICE restaurant;
  • admire the starry sky with the largest telescope in the Maldives at the SKY bar.

The four-course tasting lunch at SEA Restaurant includes a choice of foie gras, lobster salad, marinated crabmeat, bouillabaisse or potato and onion soup with black truffle, Scottish salmon fillet, seafood platter, chicken breast sous video or clipping Black Angus. Lunch starts at $295 per person without drinks or $445 with wine.

The same venue's 7-course tasting dinner includes lobster ceviche, grilled Asian river shrimp marinated in garlic and thyme, braised pork belly and seared scallop. Dinner starts at $395 per person without drinks or $590 with wine.

There is a separate menu for children and supporters of plant-based foods.

The FIRE restaurant focuses on Japanese dishes and seafood, but also has a decent selection of meat. The cost of a set is 120-150 US dollars, and meat dishes 90-390 US dollars.

SPICE restaurant menu is based on spicy snacks, authentic tandoori and curries, wok -cooked delicacies and fresh seafood.

Prices at all three restaurants do not include a 10% service charge and 16% government taxes.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas
Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

Nest Restaurant in Niyama Private Islands

The luxurious Asian restaurant invites you to take a walk through the tropical garden and sit on a cozy platform that rises above the ground. Listen to the sounds of nature, birdsong, taste avant-garde dishes from Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian chefs, try the world's most expensive Black coffee Ivory and treat yourself to unique desserts prepared according to secret recipes.

The restaurant has an a la carte menu, teppanyaki, and a separate children's menu.

Niyama Private Islands
Niyama Private Islands

Hard Rock Cafe ® Maldives at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

The menu of this establishment is familiar to many and does not need detailed detailing. Nachos and wings, steak and smash burgers, sandwiches and salads have been delighting fans of classic American cuisine for many years. The menu is complemented by live music and a unique atmosphere.

There is a wide selection of drinks, including cocktails, and a separate children's and gluten-free menu.

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Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Terra, Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

The restaurant offers you to enjoy excellent dishes, as well as an extensive collection of premium wines and signature Krug champagne, located in one of seven bamboo “nests” between the treetops.
Maldivian lobster and Norwegian salmon, Miyazake beef Wagyu and Alba white truffle, as well as delicious desserts, are the main items on the menu of this unusual restaurant.

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi
Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Thila in Kurumba Maldives

The resort's main restaurant offers continental breakfasts as well as an à la carte menu. Sit at a cozy table on the beach or on a special wooden platform right above the water and enjoy a magnificent dinner while the waves rustle. The menu is quite extensive and includes:

  • snacks - $16-32;
  • soups - $18-22;
  • main courses, including Maldivian lobster curry and duck confit , from $32;
  • seafood plate for 2 people, based on Maldivian lobster, yellowfin tuna and Tasmanian salmon - from $150;
  • meat dishes with side dishes - from $56;
  • Raw Bar - from $22;
  • vegetable side dishes - from 12 dollars;
  • desserts - from 15 dollars.

For young guests, the restaurant provides a separate children's menu, including crispy chicken fingers, grilled meat and fish dishes served with vegetables and potatoes, light pumpkin cream soup and delicious desserts. Children's menu prices start at $5.

Please note that prices at Thila Restaurant do not include a 10% service charge and government taxes.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Gusto in Baglioni Resort

The hotel where this wonderful restaurant is located belongs to the famous Italian chain Baglioni Hotels&Resorts, and the chef Emiliano Di Stefano knows everything about real Italian cuisine and is ready to share a piece of his knowledge with all its admirers.

The restaurant is the winner of The World Luxury Restaurant Awards and offers beautiful ocean views coupled with outstanding service.

The menu features traditional Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist. Eg:

  • traditional Italian antipasti, including panzanella salad with fresh tomatoes and squid fried in basil oil, grilled shrimp, burrata cheese combined with tomatoes and crispy Parma ham - $24-36;
  • soups - $26-29;
  • p astu and risotto - $28-45;
  • main courses including rack of lamb, veal osso buco complemented by saffron risotto, Norwegian salmon with sun-dried tomato pesto, $39-$65.
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Baglioni Resort Maldives
Baglioni Resort Maldives

ITHAA Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

A conversation about gastronomic establishments in the Maldives would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary ITHAA restaurant, located 5 meters below sea level.

The prices here can hardly be called affordable, but the breathtaking panoramic views of the coral gardens and their many inhabitants, combined with delicious dishes and an equally exquisite wine list, easily compensate for this “shortcoming”.

Thus, the cost of lunch in the “underwater pearl” starts from $345, and dinner – from $434 per person.

The main dish on the lunch menu is black cod with truffles. The menu also includes foie gras torchon and dessert.

For dinner, start your tasting adventure with Tuna Ceviche, Seared Quail Breast or Maldivian Lobster Tortellini, Black Beef Tenderloin Angus cooked sous vide, and end the culinary evening with a magnificent dessert.

The restaurant provides a separate menu for vegetarians.

Please note that advance reservations are required to visit the restaurant.

More about underwater restaurants in the Maldives.

It is worth noting that you can have a delicious meal in the Maldives not only in luxury resort restaurants. On the local islands there are also noteworthy gastronomic establishments where you can taste traditional Maldivian dishes, as well as cuisines of other peoples of the world in the Maldivian interpretation.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Bombay Darbar (Hulhumale Island)

Located near the Huhlumale public beach, this Indian restaurant is popular with locals and many tourists. The restaurant menu is very extensive, the quality of the dishes is decent, and the prices are quite affordable compared to the prices on the resort islands.

Menu includes:

  • several types of pizza, including beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian pizza - $8-11;
  • soups - 3-5 dollars;
  • a wide range of Indian and Pakistani dishes - $6-20;
  • desserts - 2-6 dollars;
  • milk shakes and fresh juices - 3-5 dollars.

The Catch 78 (Hulhumale Island)

The menu at this restaurant, which is part of the beachfront Hotel 78, includes pizza, salads, sandwiches, fish, a range of Indian and Maldivian dishes, and a variety of snacks.

Estimated prices are:

  • pizza - 9-12 dollars;
  • salads - $7-12;
  • sandwiches - 7-10 dollars;
  • fish and seafood dishes - $12-30;
  • Indian corner - 6-12 dollars;
  • Maldivian corner - 9 dollars;
  • set breakfast - 6-9 dollars;
  • refreshing drinks - an average of $3;
  • desserts - 2-6 dollars.

Food delivery possible.

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Moonlight - FOOD. DRINKS. SHISHA (island Maafushi)

A pleasant establishment with delicious food, a friendly atmosphere and live music. Located on the beach, the restaurant has comfortable sofas and a rich menu featuring local and international cuisine, including:

  • steak in sesame crust, grilled - $15;
  • plate of grilled seafood - $22;
  • variety of burgers - $10-16;
  • pasta - $7-14 and much more.

Attention, additional costs!

Please note that in some cases prices may be quoted excluding 10% service charge and 12% tax. To protect yourself from misunderstandings when paying a check, and your wallet from unexpected costs, look for the corresponding notes on the website pages or in the menu.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives


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