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While for most Europeans August is a time for vacations and school holidays, for residents of the Southern Hemisphere, where the Seychelles are located, this month is considered a winter period, characterized by relatively cool and windy weather. What else does a traveler need to know for a comfortable holiday in the Seychelles in August, read on.

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Weather in Seychelles in August

In August, the Seychelles continues to be dominated by the southeast trade winds. The winds are causing stronger currents and algae build-up on some beaches, especially on the south and east coasts. Therefore, for a holiday this month, the northern and western parts of the island of Mahe are more preferable, in particular the beaches of Beau Vallon, Anse Etoile, Grand Anse, Port Launay and Port Glaud.

Although August is considered the dry season in the Seychelles, sudden short periods of rain can sometimes occur. Temperatures remain comfortable for both beach holidays and walks.

  • Air temperature during the day : 27-2 8°C
  • Air temperature at night : 23-25°C
  • Water temperature : 26-27°C


Prices in Seychelles in August

The tourist season is in full swing, which accordingly affects the cost of vacation. Let us give as an example the cost of accommodation in August in hotels of different price categories:

  • Seychelles Yellow Petals (Mahe) - a complex for budget travelers, located on a hillside, within walking distance of the beach. The rooms are equipped with a private kitchen. Clean, cozy, friendly service. The rooms offer panoramic ocean views - from 80 euros.
  • Island Bungalow (La Digue) - an inexpensive complex offering relaxation in cozy chalets near Anse beach Severe - from 90 euros with breakfast.
  • Waterfall Accomodation (Mahe) - affordable hotel with picturesque mountain views, spacious rooms, a beautiful pool and friendly staff - from 120 euros including breakfast.
  • Lazare Picault Hotel (Mahe) - a small hotel on the top of a hill, harmoniously built into the natural landscape. There are several categories of rooms available: from standard chalets to a spacious villa. Bus stops and shops are within walking distance, and going down the hill you will find yourself on the popular Baie Lazare beach - from 165 euros including breakfast.
  • Palm Beach Hotel (Praslin) - beautiful 3 star hotel located near Grand Beach Anse and within walking distance of the famous Vallee de Mai natural park. Comfortable rooms, a swimming pool and a good restaurant - from 170 euros with breakfast.
  • Cabanes Des Anges (La Digue) - modern apartments with all necessary amenities, located close to the beach. There is a small pool and a restaurant - from 210 euros with breakfast.
  • La i la, Seychelles, a Tribute Portfolio Resort is a new 5-star boutique hotel from Marriott. Located a stone's throw from Anse Beach Royale. Provides excellent food, a full -service spa, fitness center, swimming pool and a range of leisure options - from €380 including breakfast.
  • Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa (Mahe) - a magnificent hotel on Beau Vallon beach. Offers all the components of a high-class holiday - from 450 euros with breakfast.

The price is for 1 night in a double room.

Laila, Seychelles, a Tribute Portfolio Resort
Laila, Seychelles, a Tribute Portfolio Resort

What to do in Seychelles in August

The Seychelles has a wide range of activities available throughout the year. These include fishing and sea excursions, helicopter rides, meeting giant turtles and much more.

As for August, the weather this month is favorable for beach holidays, surfing and active pastime. Diving and snorkeling are also possible, however underwater visibility may be more limited compared to other months.



August in the Seychelles is the height of not only the tourist season, but also the surfing season, which lasts here from April to October. The best surfing locations in August include Grand Beaches Anse, Intendance Beach, Anse Gaulette and Carana Beach on the island of Mahe, as well as Petit Anse Beach and Anse Coco on La Digue Island.


Walk along the many hiking trails of national parks such as Praslin National Park and Morne Seychellois will certainly appeal to lovers of nature and picturesque views.

Praslin Park includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallee de Mai and is home to many endemic plant species, as well as the unique black parrot, which is found nowhere else in the world other than the Seychelles.

And Morne Park, surrounded by an extensive network of hiking trails, is home to rare bird species, as well as one of the smallest frogs in the world.


Visit Victoria

Diversify your leisure time and go on an excursion to the city of Victoria - the miniature capital of the Seychelles, located in the northeastern part of the island of Mahe. Wander the streets and see the city's main attractions, including the 1903 Clock Tower, the National History Museum, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the colorful Arul Hindu Temple Mihu Navarasakthi Vinayagar.

A tour of the city can be supplemented with a walk through the Botanical Garden or a trip to the St. Marine National Park. Anne , located about 5 kilometers from the capital.


Bird watching

Hiking and observing the feathered inhabitants of the picturesque local islands are popular among tourists. Well-organized excursions are organized for guests, which will be of interest to both keen ornithologists and photographers , as well as simply nature lovers. Some bird species can be seen all year round, while others are only seasonal visitors. Like, for example, roseate terns, which arrive in the last week of April and fly away at the end of August.

The most popular islands for bird watching are Mahe, Praslin (Vallee Nature Park de Mai), La Digue (Veuve nature reserve), Aride, Cousin and of course the famous Bird Island, which is famous not only for its colonies of millions of black terns nesting between May and October, but also for being home to the world's largest land turtle, Esmeralda.

Some of the local birds show little fear of humans, which makes observing and photographing especially exciting. Experienced guides and keepers will provide interesting information about the birds and tell you where to find them.

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Holidays and festivals

On August 15 you will be able to attend the Festival de la Digue is one of the most popular festivals in Seychelles, also known as Assumption Day or Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A religious holiday in honor of the Virgin Mary is held on the island of La Digue and attracts many Catholic believers from other islands, as well as tourists. Local residents diligently prepare for the holiday, decorating their houses and altars. Festival participants can expect festive processions, incendiary beach parties, dance, cultural and sporting events.



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