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July is one of the most popular months for holidays in the Seychelles. Comfortable temperatures, minimal precipitation, school holidays, as well as the rainy season in some other popular resort countries cause an increase in the influx of tourists in the Seychelles during this period. And stronger winds attract numerous surfers to the coast, so you need to take care of booking tickets and accommodation in advance. What other nuances need to be taken into account when planning a vacation to the Seychelles in July? Read on!

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Weather in Seychelles in July

July is one of the driest and, by Seychelles standards, coolest months of the year. The strengthening of the southeast monsoon makes it an ideal month for surfing and sailing enthusiasts. At the same time, on some beaches there may be an increased concentration of algae and stronger currents, so you need to carefully choose a place to relax and not neglect the rules of safe behavior on the water. The beaches of Beau Vallon and Cote d'Or are especially popular during this period, which are protected from the winds and are well suited for both adults and the youngest holidaymakers.

Rain in July in the Seychelles is not a frequent occurrence, but possible. As a rule, they are short-term and will definitely not ruin your vacation.

At the same time, sunscreen with a high SPF factor for safe sunbathing and long sleeves for evening walks will be completely useful in your luggage.

  • Air temperature during the day: 27-28°C
  • Air temperature at night: 23-25°C
  • Water temperature: about 26°C


Prices in Seychelles in July

The tourist season is gaining momentum. And with it the prices. Compared to the previous month, the cost of living may increase by approximately 5-10%. For example, the estimated daily price for accommodation in a double room on popular tourist islands is:

  • Belle Amie Self Catering (La Digue) - budget guest house near the beach. Clean, large rooms with their own kitchen for those who prefer to organize their own life. There is also a shared kitchen. Nearby are restaurants and supermarkets - from 90 euros with breakfast.
  • Pension Michel (La Digue) is a small family hotel consisting of 3 bungalows. Clean, cozy, lots of greenery. Near the beach, restaurants and a supermarket - from 150 euros with breakfast.
  • Palm Beach Hotel (Praslin) - a pleasant 3-star hotel located on Grand Beach Anse . There is a restaurant, a swimming pool, and free canoe and kayak rentals. For an additional fee, laundry services, babysitting for children, and car rental are available - from 170 euros with breakfast.
  • Royale Suites Luxury Apartments (Mahe) - beautiful new self-catering apartments next to the popular Anse beach Royale. Within walking distance of banks, restaurants, grocery stores, bakery, market, pharmacy and hospital - from 170 euros.
  • JA Enchanted Waterfront Seychelles (Mahe) - the hotel offers luxurious villas with private pools, excellent food, spa services , excursions and entertainment - from 200 euros with breakfast.
  • Village du Pecheur (Praslin) - boutique hotel on Cote Beach D'or. There is a beach restaurant and lounge bar. 24-hour service and organization of boat trips for guests is available - from 270 euros with breakfast.
  • Double Tree Hilton Seychelles Allamanda (Mahe) - a representative of a well-known chain provides good service, a well-kept beach, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a fitness center and a spa center - from 320 euros.
  • Constance Ephelia (Mahe) - an upscale 5-star resort for couples and families offering elegant rooms, a variety of food and drink in 5 restaurants and 6 bars, a luxurious spa , a fun children's club, 5 swimming pools and other components of a 5-star holiday - from 435 Euro with breakfast.

JA Enchanted Waterfront Seychelles
JA Enchanted Waterfront Seychelles

What to do in the Seychelles in July


The surfing season, which began in the Seychelles in April, continues. The weather conditions in the region allow surfing all year round. But if the period from December to May is more suitable for beginners, then the summer months are considered optimal for more experienced surfers.

Despite the fact that the Seychelles cannot boast of such a developed surf industry as, for example, Bali, they offer good conditions and a variety of locations for adrenaline lovers. For surfing during the southeast monsoon season, it is recommended to choose the beaches of the islands of Mahe and La Digue.



The weather in the Seychelles in July is conducive to active walks. There are a large number of marine and terrestrial national parks and gardens that are definitely worth a visit.

Land parks include Morne National Park Seychellois, Praslin National Park and Veuve Nature Reserve on La Digue Island.

Marine National Parks include Sainte Anne (one of the first marine protected areas in the Indian Ocean), Silhouette, Port Launay, Baie Ternay, Ile Cocos and Curieuse Island.


Gardens include Botanical Garden, State House Garden and the National Biodiversity Centre.

All these locations offer a variety of fauna and flora that are enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. Moreover, each territory has its own characteristics.

Thus, the majestic Botanical Garden, located near the city of Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, attracts tourists and local residents with an abundance of plants. The most famous among them is the Coco palm de Mer. Interestingly, unlike the ordinary coconut tree, Coco de Mer has separate male and female trees. Males are distinguished by “earrings” that can reach 1 meter in length. You can admire the male tree right at the entrance to the garden. And the most popular female tree is located to the right of the main path of the garden, and was planted back in 1956 by the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

However, the main highlight of the Botanical Garden is the giant turtles that win the hearts of both children and adults. You can not only photograph the turtles, but also feed them.


The Botanical Garden is not the only place in the Seychelles where these good-natured giants live. Nature lovers should definitely visit the Curieuse Marine National Park, where they also have ample opportunities to meet Aldabra turtles , rare birds and plants.

By the way, bird watching is a very popular activity in the Seychelles. The Veuve Nature Reserve, located on the island of La Digue , offers ideal conditions for this type of leisure activity. Its calling card is the famous Seychelles black paradise flycatcher.

Fans of long walks will certainly be interested in Morne Park on the island of Mahe, offering an extensive network of trails over 15 kilometers long.

And lovers of beautiful panoramic views should look into Praslin National Park - the second largest land park in the Seychelles. The park includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallee de Mai and offers several hiking trails, as well as a wide range of scenery and viewpoints.


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