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The Seychelles are famous for their beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and exotic nature. Numerous tourists from all over the world rush to enjoy this natural splendor in the summer. But in order for the vacation to be perfect, you need to properly prepare for it. Information about holidays in the Seychelles in June will help.

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Weather in Seychelles in June

In June, the Seychelles, as a rule, has fine, moderate weather. Since this month is considered the winter period in the Southern Hemisphere, the temperature indicators decrease slightly, but remain comfortable. Relatively low humidity and a large number of sunny days accompany a beach holiday. A slight increase in wind observed during the month, and the minimum amount of precipitation, which is still possible in June, will not create inconvenience and will not have a significant impact on your vacation.

  • Air temperature during the day: +27…+29°C
  • Air temperature at night: +24…+26°C
  • Water temperature: around +27°C


Prices in the Seychelles in June

In the summer months, the flow of tourists to the Seychelles increases significantly, and prices increase accordingly. The estimated cost of living in June ranges from 80-1500 euros per night for a double room, depending on the location and category of housing. Eg:

  • Plein Soleil (Praslin) - a modest hotel next to the beach of the same name. There is a small swimming pool and parking on site. Convenient location, friendly staff, good breakfasts - from 100 euros with breakfast.
  • Waterfall Accommodation (Mahe) - a cozy villa with Balinese touches in the design. Situated in an elevated position surrounded by lush greenery and providing magnificent views of the surrounding area. There is a picturesque pool - from 115 euros with breakfast.
  • Sea view Lodge (Praslin) - a quiet complex of 6 separate villas overlooking the sea and the island Curieuse. There is a restaurant, swimming pool and car rental. Nearby is a private beach equipped with sun loungers - from 130 euros.
  • Chateau Elysium (Mahe) is a colonial-style boutique hotel located 30 meters from the famous Beau Vallon beach. The hotel offers not only spacious rooms, but also individual villas with private pools. Excellent cuisine with an emphasis on seafood - from 320 euros with breakfast.
  • Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa (Mahe) - 5-star hotel of a well-known chain. Great location next to Beau Vallon beach. Elegant rooms, 5 restaurants and 2 bars, a large swimming pool, spa, fitness center, tennis court, kids club and other components of a comfortable stay - from 390 euros with breakfast.
  • Constance Ephelia (Mahe) is a luxurious 5 star resort with great rooms and beautiful views. A good selection of gastronomic establishments, services and entertainment - from 435 euros with breakfast.
  • Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort and Spa (La Digue) - a calm, secluded resort with a tropical atmosphere. Excellent service, good cuisine, a spa on a hill with beautiful views, the possibility of organizing individual excursions - from 570 euros with breakfast and dinner.

Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa
Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa

Things to do in the Seychelles in June


Increasing winds accompany surfing and sailing. You can enjoy surfing in the Seychelles throughout the year. However, locations may vary depending on the season. During the southeast monsoon, the best waves await fans of extreme water activities on the Mahe Islands (Grand Anse Beach, Intendance Beach, Anse Gaulette) and La Digue (Grand Anse Beach, Petit Anse Beach, Anse coco). However, the list of locations is not limited to this list. Instructors from local surf schools will select the best location according to your skills and expectations.


Bird watching

Bird watching in their natural habitat in the Seychelles is possible throughout the year. Here you can see rare species, but their availability depends on the time of year. The summer period is considered favorable for this type of leisure, and among the most popular places for meeting birds, it is worth highlighting the islands Cousin , Aride , Bird , as well as the Veuve reserve on the island of La Digue .



The lack of precipitation and moderate temperatures create all the conditions for active exploration of the surroundings. Seychelles offers tourists a huge number of parks and hiking trails that will appeal to nature lovers of all ages. For example, young travelers should visit Mont Fleuri of the island of Mahe, where they will have walks and a fascinating encounter with giant tortoises.

Active and inquisitive teenage travelers will enjoy walking along the hiking trails of Morne National Park. And experienced tourists with good physical fitness can choose one of the more difficult routes that this park offers.

Praslin National Park is the second largest terrestrial national park in the Seychelles and also offers a wide range of trails, scenery, viewpoints and even a beautiful highland wetland with several species of rare plants.

Curieuse Island, although a Marine National Park, also offers interesting guided walks along nature trails. During such walks, you can discover the natural wealth of the island, watch birds, visit the mangrove swamp, meet the legendary turtles of impressive size, have a picnic and get a lot of vivid impressions.



Despite the fact that the peak of the fishing season has come to an end, fishing in June continues to be popular among tourists and can be quite fruitful. For example, this period is considered successful for catching sailfish, trevally and some other types of fish.


Holidays and festivals

Independence Day

Independence Day is a public holiday celebrated annually in the Seychelles on June 29th. Marks the day the Seychelles gained independence from Great Britain in 1976. The festive program includes bright shows and sports events, songs, dances and numerous fireworks.

Classical Music Festival

This significant event in the world of music is held on Mahe and brings together the best classical musicians and singers from all over the country and from abroad. The event is organized in the open air on the beaches of the island, and provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy sensual works under the rustle of ocean waves, combined with their favorite drinks and picturesque views.

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Mind Body Spirit

This annual festival takes place in June in the Seychelles and invites guests to take part in a variety of wellness activities, including massage, yoga, acupressure, spa and meditation.

The event is held in picturesque places, usually surrounded by nature and accompanied by music and dance performances.



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