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Seychelles spring is certainly suitable for relaxation, but there are some nuances. For three months, the weather can change significantly. In April, the high season begins in the Seychelles, and the month of April itself is considered one of the best months to visit the islands.

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Seychelles weather in spring

The islands lie in the zone of subequatorial maritime climate with warm, dry winters and hot summers with heavy rainfall. For 3 spring months, you can see almost the entire range of weather conditions in the Seychelles. Until April, the rainy season is here, but usually these are short showers that occur mainly at night. The average daytime temperature is +30°C, at night +28°C.

April marks the transition between the seasons. The rains stop and the temperature rises to +32°C. It is considered to be the hottest month of the year.

Period already begins and prices for holidays become much higher. This is the sunniest month in the Seychelles. Daytime temperature of air and water is +28°C, and at night - about 25°C. The ocean calms down at this time and provides all the conditions for a perfect vacation.


Things to do in the Seychelles in spring

Diving and snorkeling

April and May are the best time to go diving or snorkeling. In the Seychelles, this is really a must-do. There are more than a hundred granite and reef islands and about a thousand representatives of the aquatic world, including reef and whale sharks, rays, barracudas and turtles. There are several areas for diving:

  • Mahé - there are more than 75 dive spots, which include underwater rocks, sunken ships, protected areas. Most Popular: Shark Bank, Aldebaran wreck, Ennerdale wreck, Dredger Wreck, Fisherman's Cove Reef, Port National Park Launay marine.
  • Praslin - famous for its coral gardens, sheer cliffs and hundreds of species of fish. Top Dive Sites: Booby Rock, Ave Maria, Felicite and Sister Island, marine parks near the Coco Islands Island, St Pierre, Anse Lazio.
  • La Digue with perfect diving and snorkeling spots right off the coast: Anse Severe, Domaine L'Orangeraie, White bank.
  • The Outer Islands are mostly uninhabited islands in the south of the archipelago, famous for their warm clear waters and rich water world. Among the best dive spots: Aldabra - the second largest atoll in the world, Alphonse, Desroches, reefs of Bijoutier island, Astove atoll.

There are also many liveboard diving options in the Seychelles.



April is the month of changing winds: the northwest monsoon replaces the southeast monsoon. Naturally, this is a favorite period for surfers. Conquering the waves in spring is best on:

  • East Coast Mahé. For beginners, Carana is suitable Beach, and we advise professionals to pay attention to Anse Bougainville, North East Point, Misfit Baya, Anse royale.
  • Beach Grand Anse islands La Digue.
  • Anse Lascars on Silhouette Island.



Home to over 900 species of fish, the Seychelles deservedly attracts fishermen from all over the world. After all, here you can replenish your trophy collection with the catch of albula, trevel, sailboat, wrasse, various types of perch, seriola, parrot fish and others. March and April are considered very favorable for fishing, so prepare your fishing rods. But if you're planning a trip in May, don't worry, you still have a pretty good chance of catching marlin and sailboat.

On the islands there is an opportunity to try different types of fishing: from throwing a spinning rod in shallow water to deep fishing 40 miles from the coast and the so-called “big games” on special boats.

Feel free to ask local fishermen about “cool” spots. They will be able to tell a lot of secrets that you will not find in any guide. Moreover, they can even help organize everything no worse than in agencies.



The blue waters, exotic forests and white sand beaches of the Seychelles are home to over 250 bird species, many of which are endemic. That is why the islands are considered a great place for birdwatching throughout the year. But in April-May, one can still observe the return of nesting seabirds here. To do this, we recommend going to the island Aride, there are the most species of these birds. Other top birdwatching locations include local forests, as well as:

  • offshore shoals of Promenade, Victoria, Seybrew, Le islands Rocher;
  • freshwater wetlands North East Point and Roche Wildlife Refuge Caiman (Mahe);
  • reserve Vev and L'Union Estate (La Digue);
  • small islands with endemic bird species: Cousin and Cousine.



The Seychelles is, first of all, about nature, and sightseeing leisure is no exception. Instead of museums, palaces, thousand-year-old cities and churches, here:

  • Enchanting equatorial forests with unique flora and fauna. One of the most interesting is the forest on Silhouette Island.
  • National parks with breathtaking nature. We recommend visiting the Marine Reserve of St. Anne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Vale de Mai Park, a turtle reserve on the island of Curieuse.

You can also order a sightseeing tour of the main islands of the archipelago - Praslin, La Digue and Mahé. By the way, a bewitching view of the latter opens from the observation deck on Mount Tri Brata - an excellent trekking route for lovers of more active recreation.

Set aside a separate day to get acquainted with the capital of the Seychelles - the city of Victoria. Here you will find a botanical garden with more than 100 years of history, shopping at the country's main market, a copy of the clock tower from London's Vauxhall Bridge. Also check out the nearby Craft Village. As you probably guessed from the name, local artisans live here. And believe me, they have something to surprise you with.


Spring festivals and holidays in the Seychelles

A series of interesting events in the Seychelles begins with the International Deep Sea Fishing Competition, which is organized by the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) on the island of Mahe.

The equator of the month marks the feast of French culture Semaine de la Francophonie. It includes literary readings, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and, of course, acquaintance with the famous French cuisine.

One of the highlights of the year throughout the archipelago is Carnival de Victoria. For more than 10 years, for three days, the streets of Mahe have been covered by this explosive procession with performances, dancing, live music and an incredible atmosphere.

In May, don't miss the opportunity to experience Creole cuisine and culture at the Seychelles Arts Festival. The last spring days in the Seychelles will delight you with another bright event - on May 25, get ready for African motives and treats. On this day, the locals honor Africa Day or FetAfrik, because the traditions of the continent formed the basis of modern Creole culture.

In addition, in the spring you will have a unique opportunity to see how Easter is celebrated in the Seychelles.

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Useful tips and tricks

  • If you are planning a beach holiday in March-April, then it is better to choose resorts not on Mahe or Silhouette Island, as they are most exposed to winds and showers.
  • Take care of beach slippers so as not to get hurt by coral debris.
  • Be sure to bring insect repellant with you.
  • Traffic in the Seychelles is not very heavy, but it can be difficult to pass through the narrow streets. Also note that this is a left-hand traffic.
  • In the Seychelles, but there are dangerous spiders, be careful, especially in the forest.
  • Coco de Mer is the national product of the Seychelles, but cannot be eaten. You can bring home as a souvenir, but when buying, make sure that the nut has a government seal with an export license.



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