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Seychelles is not a place of bright noisy parties. The islands are chosen by nature lovers who want to breathe in the aromas of the tropics, enjoy the turquoise and the sound of the ocean, see exotic plants and rare inhabitants of the jungle. During the New Year and Christmas holidays, many rush to warm lands for the exotic. What are the Seychelles like in winter and is it worth choosing them as a holiday destination?

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The Seychelles is a scattering of hundreds of islands in the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean. “One island - one hotel” - such a concept, as in the Maldives, is followed in the Seychelles. There are only three major islands: Mahe, La Digue and Praslin. They are the most visited, and you can get from one island to another in just an hour by boat.

Tourists from different parts of the world flock to the Seychelles to look at giant turtles, lie on the white sand, and plunge into the waters of the Indian Ocean.


What you need to know about winter Seychelles

  • Summer always reigns on the island: and the temperature is approximately the same. Water temperature from +23°C to +28°C throughout the year. But in winter comes the rainy season. They are short-term, although they pour heavily. Brief showers usually occur at night. Therefore, the Seychelles are distinguished by emerald green.
  • It is from December to February that the most precipitation falls. It can rain almost 10 days in January! But storms do not hit the Seychelles: they bypass the islands. In winter, the rains can be more prolonged, so you should choose large hotels that offer entertainment for tourists.
  • Winds hit the islands, the sea is often stormy, making snorkeling and diving a dubious undertaking. But the main thing is to choose the right island for your holiday. For example, the main island of the Seychelles, Mahe, is rainier in winter compared to other islands. But along with the wind come waves that surfers are happy about. Wave lovers should look at Grand Anse beach on Mahe: this is the most party place among surfers.
  • From December to February, the northwest trade winds bring algae to the shores of the Seychelles. This should be taken into account when booking a hotel. For example, take a look at Anse Volbert (Cote d'Or) in the north of Praslin.
  • The sun rises and sets in the Seychelles on schedule for almost a whole year. In January, it wakes up around 6:15, and it is worth watching the sunset at 18:40. This is a truly impressive sight: the sun falling asleep in the arms of a gigantic ocean!


Seychelles in December

December is more favorable for rest than other months of winter. But it is worth preparing for short tropical showers, although they are quite warm.

In general, the air temperature does not drop: it keeps from +24°C to +30°C. But the humidity goes up. Please note that it is difficult to predict the weather in the Seychelles: it is capricious. Sometimes showers can occur for several days in a row. Please note that prices go up sharply at the end of the month: the season of the New Year holidays is coming.


Seychelles in January

It is still raining, and prices in the first half of the month reach record highs. The water temperature is approximately +29°C. In January, in the Seychelles, the daily temperature ranges from +24°C to +30°C. At night, the air temperature drops slightly to +25°C. The weather is warm and humid with occasional short heavy showers. This is an interesting time for nature lovers: in January, sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. You can only admire them from afar, you can’t get close to them.


Seychelles in February

Tropical showers often drop in on the islands this month. They are short and warm. The air becomes more humid. This is the season of low prices, which fall after the New Year holidays. Air temperature +25°C…+30°C. The second half of the month is calmer. The winds subside, which favors diving and snorkeling.


Holidays in the Seychelles in winter: pros and cons

  • The main advantage of a holiday in the Seychelles in winter is a peaceful atmosphere. There are not many vacationers, no queues, a feeling of freedom. Of course, with the exception of peak New Year's days.
  • The disadvantage is high humidity and heat. Although the thermometer does not exceed +31°C, the weather seems to be hotter. You should not go with small children, as well as people with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Rising prices during the holiday season. It is best to relax in the middle, early December, or after all the celebrations, when the price tag goes down.
  • During the holiday season, it is difficult to find a decent option: it is worth booking a hotel in advance.

The Seychelles is a unique place, a tropical paradise where summer always reigns. And even in winter you won't have to regret your choice.



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