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What time do the Maldives live and how much their time zone differs from other countries.

Time zone of Maldives

Time zone of Maldives is UTC / GMT +05: 00. This means that the time on the "Paradise Islands" is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Since the Maldives is quite small, their entire territory is located in the same time zone. Daylight saving time (DST) is not applied in the Maldives.

Time in the Maldives is always 4 hours ahead of London. The difference with Moscow is 2 hours. The Maldives has the biggest time difference with the countries of South and North America: 9-10 hours. The closest time zone of the Maldives is to Nepal and India. Only an hour difference with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dubai.


Maldives time: interesting facts

  • Some luxury resorts have their own time. Why is this happening? In the Maldives resorts, the time is set one to two hours ahead, so that its visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sunset at a more convenient time for themselves. If you live according to Maldivian time, the sun will go over the horizon rather quickly, and guests will not have time to fully enjoy the beauty.
  • The Maldives are located at the very equator. Day and night here have approximately the same duration. Dawn comes from 5:45 am to 6:30 am. Sunset time is from 17:45 to 18:30. Therefore, on the islands they try to extend the sunset time so that guests can do more in the day.
  • On the local islands, they do not joke over time. Residents of the Maldives profess Islam and before the beginning of the evening prayer, which comes immediately after sunset, they try to complete all their affairs.


Maldives and other countries: time difference

Baghdad -2 hours
Baku -1 hour
Baltimore -9 hours
Bangkok +2 hours
Bangui -4 hours
Barcelona -3 hours
Beijing +3 hours
Beirut -2 hours
Belgrade -3 hours
Berlin -3 hours
Bern -3 hours
Bishkek +1 hour
Bratislava -3 hours
Brazzaville -4 hours
Bucharest -2 hours
Budapest -3 hours
Buenos Aires -8 hours
Cairo -3 hours
Cancun -10 hours
Cape Town -3 hours
Casablanca -4 hours
Chicago -10 hours
Chisinau -2 hours
Copenhagen -3 hours
Delhi +0: 30 hours
Doha -2 hours
Dubai -1 hour
Dublin -4 hours
Geneva -3 hours
Glasgow -4 hours
Helsinki -2 hours
Ho Chi Minh City +2 hours
Irkutsk +3 hours
Istanbul -2 hours
Jakarta +2 hours
Jerusalem -2 hours
Kaliningrad -3 hours
Kathmandu +0: 45 hours
Kolkata +0: 30 hours
Krasnoyarsk +2 hours
Kuala Lumpur +3 hours
Kuwait -2 hours
Kiev -2 hours
Las Vegas -12 hours
Lima -10 hours
Lisbon -4 hours
London -4 hours
Los Angeles -12 hours
Madrid -3 hours
Melbourne +5 hours
Mexico City -10 hours
Miami -9 hours
Milan -3 hours
Monaco -3 hours
Montreal -9 hours
Moscow -2 hours
Mumbai +0: 30 hours
Murmansk -2 hours
New Delhi +0: 30 hours
New York -9 hours
Novosibirsk +2 hours
Omsk +1 hour
Oslo -3 hours
Ottawa -9 hours
Paris -3 hours
Philadelphia -9 hours
Riga -2 hours
Rio de Janeiro -8 hours
Rome -3 hours
Saint Petersburg -2 hours
Seoul +4 hours
Shanghai +3 hours
Singapore +3 hours
Stockholm -3 hours
Tallinn -2 hours
Tbilisi -1 hour
Tokyo +4 hours
Yerevan -1 hour
Yokohama +4 hours
Zurich -3 hours

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

How to easily adjust to Jetlag

If a sudden change of belts awaits you, then you need to help the body to adapt. Our internal clocks are not always able to cope with the change: there is a syndrome of out-of-order biorhythms, which manifests itself in poor health, lethargy, fatigue, drowsiness, and mood swings. This syndrome is called jetlag. So let us switch to the Maldivian clock in advance:

  • Start preparing ahead of time. If you are going to fly east, then wake up earlier a few days before the trip. Brighten your lighting. When traveling and during flight, try to reduce your exposure to the light. For example, wear sunglasses.
  • When you fly east, you will wake up too late for your biorhythms on arrival to have an active day. You will not be able to sleep at night. Therefore, in the first days upon arrival, you need to sleep with the curtains open. Do not use curtains for the first time after arrival. Let as much natural light as possible enter your room.
  • If you go west, then you are following the sun. Then, on the contrary, you need to go to bed later and in the evening turn on the lighting as bright as possible. Do not wear dark glasses on the plane. On the contrary, it is better to be in the light as much as possible, because it is the light that is responsible for our biorhythms.
  • If you are flying to the west, you will wake up very early and already at five in the evening, you will want to sleep. Therefore, plan a better evening excursion or dinner at a restaurant to help the body get distracted.
  • Physical activity. Simple squats, push-ups, planks, and handstands will help you adapt and wake up on arrival. You can jump to live music. You will feel much better after charging. Swimming can help you cope with muscle stiffness and general fatigue.
  • Drink a lot. Stock up on water, it helps to keep the body in good shape.
  • Have a hearty meal before your flight and on time. A diet rich in carbohydrates is recommended.
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol.
  • Get enough sleep. In the hotel, while sleeping, wear noise-canceling headphones and special eye masks.
  • Change your diet to a new schedule. Do not get up at night for a snack: in the morning, it will be even more difficult to adapt.
  • When it is bedtime, have a glass of Brazil nut milk. They are quite nutritious and will help you sleep.
  • Skip coffee. Better to drink chamomile and mint tea to help you sleep.

Hurawalhi Island Resort
Hurawalhi Island Resort

And if the time difference with Maldives isn’t big, then you can easily go through the trip.


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