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The Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, is a tropical paradise. The natural beauty of the Seychelles attracts millions of travelers every year. And, of course, they want to take a piece of this exotic with them. But what to buy in the Seychelles as a souvenir?

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Coco de Mer

It's expensive, but worth it. The coconut, the fruit of the islands' endemic palm trees, has an unusual shape. The size and weight of a coconut are quite impressive: it can reach 5 kg! If you choose this souvenir, prepare some space in your suitcase: it will take up a lot of space.

The fruits of this tree are used to make various decorative items.

The original shape of the tree's fruits has made them popular throughout the world. For this reason, before sale, the fruit is cleaned to exclude the possibility of it being planted elsewhere. The best place to buy coconut is the Vallée de Mai itself.

Because of its rarity, Coco de Mer is so valuable that it has become a protected species. And if you want to export a coconut, be sure to ask the seller for the appropriate certificate. Otherwise, big trouble awaits you on departure.



A typical souvenir that can be bought in the Seychelles is silk and cotton fabrics. From these materials, craftsmen create precious batiks, hand-dyed with natural dyes. The variety of colors and original designs make these fabrics an ideal souvenir!

Multi-colored cotton fabrics are of high quality and are made by hand. Feel free to bargain in the markets, but in stores the price is fixed.


Bamboo products

In many markets across the country you can find items made from bamboo: ashtrays, bags, rugs and much more. Artisans hand-process the bamboo to create accessories and items that are sold at stalls. Check out Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market for a wide variety of items.


The Indian influence in Seychelles can be seen in the use of spices, curries, cinnamon, vanilla, chilli and more. You will find all this on market stalls.

Praslin - grown vanilla and other spices: cinnamon, saffron, coconut oil, and tropical fruit jams.

Visit the Victoria Market, where in addition to spices and souvenirs, you can buy fresh fruit, fish and taste the excellent dishes of the country.


Seychelles Tea

SeyTé tea, as it is called, comes in a variety of flavors: vanilla, lemon, mint and cinnamon. Iconic teas grown in the Morne Blanc mountains are popular with locals and visitors alike. This is a unique opportunity to taste the flavors of the Seychelles.

The factory where SeyTé is produced has become a popular tourist attraction. It has been around for 50 years. Visitors can take a tour of the factory, then taste delicious tea at the tea tavern and buy their favorite teas at the factory itself.

Pearl and coconut jewelry

Souvenir counters abound with coconut jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, which are sometimes also decorated with pearls. But be careful, not all pearls are real: beware of fakes.


Rum and beer

How can you leave without a bottle of rum or local beer? The local beer brand is called Seybrew: it has been produced since 1971 on Mahé and can be found in many stores. As for rum, Takamaka has a variety of spiced rums for those who want a unique souvenir.

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Coconut products

Check out products made from coconut fiber: hats, baskets or screens. Some artists make beautifully crafted works.

In the Seychelles, souvenirs are not difficult to find. The little capital of Victoria is full of all sorts of quaint souvenir shops and stalls. Camion Hall in downtown Victoria is a hub for local crafts, so plan to shop there and take home memories of your exotic getaway.



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