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Go skiing, sunbathing near the sea and see fields of flowers: all this can be done in Cyprus. And from May summer comes abruptly: the swimming season is declared open.

Cyprus blooms in spring. This is the most beautiful and greenest time of the year on the island. Only at this time you can see Cyprus, covered with flowers. Fields of wild poppies and tulips wake up, delicate jasmine and orchids appear, citruses and almonds bloom. Yes, you can’t swim until mid-May, but that’s no reason not to see the beauty of the island!

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Benefits of early spring holidays

  • Spring is not as popular a tourist time as the summer months. This means fewer crowds of tourists and children. Everything is quieter and calmer. It is easier to find parking on the streets and tables in restaurants.
  • The cost of accommodation, car rental and sightseeing activities is noticeably lower than during times of high demand. As such, spring is a great travel time for people on a budget. Even in May, prices are 10-20% lower, despite the fact that May is considered the first month of the tourist season. And this is the ideal time for car trips around the island and sightseeing, for example, a trip from Limassol to Larnaca .
  • Major cities of Cyprus are not sad in anticipation of the arrival of tourists. In the spring, locals hold many events and festivals that are interesting to visit. These are parades and massive street festivities with music, dancing and an active nightlife. But some hotels don't open until early May.


Weather in Cyprus in spring

Spring in Cyprus actually comes before March. The first signs appear already at the end of February. March and April are radically different from May. The first two months are still somewhat cool for a sea holiday. Despite the rapid increase in air temperature, the sea warms up slowly after winter. The water temperature in March and April is around +17°…+19°. The air warms up to +20°…+25°. Spring weather in Cyprus varies from refreshingly cool at the beginning to pleasantly warm at the end of April and May. This is great for people who don't like the heat but want the sun.

  • March. The weather in Cyprus in March is quite pleasant and sunny. Sometimes it rains, but much less than in winter. You usually get about 8 hours of sunshine. It is still cool in March, but on the plains the temperature is slowly approaching +19°С ... +20°С. The air in the mountains is still very cool, up to +3°C ... +7°C depending on the altitude. Although most hotels in Cyprus open by mid-April, March is the best time to plan your vacation near the bustling resort towns of Limassol, Paphos or Larnaca. The hotels that are open there provide the lowest rate for the season.

Swimming in the sea can only be extreme or very seasoned people who can’t care about water at +15°С...+18°С. It becomes more or less comfortable to swim only from the end of April, and even then not always. And you can already sunbathe in mid-March. The spring sun is gentle, and it's harder to get sunburned than in summer. But remember that in March there can still be capricious rains, and sometimes even snow and rain. Although this is rather an exception: usually in March there is good sunny weather.

Council. It is worth checking before a trip in March whether there is heating in the selected hotel or apartment. Because in March the temperature in the sun is +25°C, and at night it can drop sharply. There is no central heating on the island. Choose a hotel that has a heated pool.

  • April. This month is getting warmer. At the beginning of April it is still cool, especially at night, but at the end the heat comes and summer is felt. Maximum temperature +21°C...+23°C on the coast, only the western part is a little cooler. In the center of the island +24°С. It is still cold in the Troodos mountains at this time: no more than +15°C at night, and in the mountains and +6°C. There is practically no rain in April. April in Cyprus is the perfect month for long walks, hikes, trips around the island or cycling along the coast. April weather in Cyprus is very warm and pleasant. It's not cold anymore and it's not hot yet. At this time, the entire island blooms with its fields and slopes, exuding fragrant spring smells. But the temperature in April in the evening can be quite cool: about +11°С...+13°С. If you're hoping to swim in the sea this time of year, you're in for a disappointment. The water temperature is at best +19°C. However, throughout the month (especially at its end) you can sunbathe and relax on the beach. By the end of April, the water becomes more or less suitable for swimming. There are still few tourists around, but prices are starting to rise, and last-minute tours are not so easy to catch. However, housing at this time of year is much cheaper than in summer.
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What to do in early spring?

  • In March it is possible to go skiing in the Troodos mountains and then go down to the sea and bask in the sun. And all this in one location! Winter attraction can be caught in early spring. There is still snow on the slopes of the mountains and the ski lifts are working.
  • Admire the flamingos. By the way, pink flamingos that come to spend the winter on the Larnaca salt lake will stay in Cyprus until the heat. And perhaps in March it will still be possible to catch pink birds!
  • Gastronomic pleasures. Of the minuses of holidays in Cyprus - there is less fun and parties in March and April than in the summer months. Due to the fact that many establishments are closed. But you can always find a tavern for dinner. The discos haven't opened yet. But still, many establishments are open throughout the year, especially in large cities such as Limassol. Arrange a gastronomic tour and try local delicacies!
  • Island hikes. Spring is perfect for exploring the mysterious island. It is simply difficult to travel in the summer because of the heat: for example, walking around the archaeological parks in the open air is almost "sunny" suicide. And there are much fewer tourists than during the popular summer season, which makes travel more enjoyable. In spring, the fields are covered with a green carpet. Blue and white flowers peep through the mountains. The mountain rivers flowing from the gorges sing loudly. In the vineyards and orchards, life begins to boil, delicate jasmine and lemon bloom.
  • Hiking and cycling. Hiking is just perfect in spring. Set off to see the green splendour of Cyprus before the summer sun burns it down. See Akamas Peninsula , a nature reserve with 700 different plant species. Some of them can only be found here. Visit the Baths of Aphrodite


Cyprus in May

Summer breaks into Cyprus on May 1st. On this day, the summer season officially starts. May is the month of transition from spring to summer. Just a few days and already the temperature is rising to summer temperatures. The average maximum temperature is +24°С in the west and +27°С on the south coast. It is slightly cooler off the coast in the northern and western parts. Inside the island, almost everywhere in May it is already hot and the temperature hits +30°C, so in Nicosia it is better to choose hotels with a pool and air conditioning. The central part warms up to +30°C. And the mountains are always somewhat cooler: +21°С. At night the air temperature is +15°С…+17°С. There is practically no rain: a maximum of one or two days for the entire month. The water is not yet as warm as in summer, but there are all conditions for swimming. The average sea temperature near the coast is gradually approaching a more comfortable level of +23°C. And at this time the season starts: attractions open in water parks and main cities: Ayia Napa, Limassol, Paphos. He starts singing fountain shows in Protaras, music from restaurants, clubs and discos plays, which were “sad” all winter in Ayia Napa. Souvenirs are laid out on the counters, and in taverns they spread tablecloths on tables by the sea.


Things to do in May

Marine vacation. Holidays in Cyprus in May promises warm walks and lush nature. You can swim and relax under the sun, visit Paphos, Polis, Protaras and other seaside resorts. Prices for tour packages, accommodation and car rentals are on the rise, as we are talking about the start of a tourism boom.

May is the time of the year when Cyprus pleases with its incredibly beautiful nature. The plants and flowers are still full of life and unaffected by the heat. The bathing season starts in the first week and the sun remains very gentle for a long time.

Walks. While the heat has not yet come, walk more among the lush colours of greenery. Explore archaeological sites. Go to the mountains. But remember that they can be cool. You can also go to the beach: the sea temperature is +19°С...+21°С. Take light clothes with you and do not forget a blouse for the evening.

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What places to visit in Cyprus in spring

The green splendour of Cyprus in spring is not to be missed. What places are worth seeing first?

  • Akamas Peninsula. A magnificent national park of 230 square kilometres on the far western tip of the island, where the rocky coast borders the azure sea, blooming valleys delight the eye, and mysterious caves and fascinating nature trails beckon the brave explorer. In the spring in Cyprus, the whole area is buried in flowers. Around 700 native plants grow in the area, 35 of which are rare.
  • Lania village. Just a short drive from Limassol, up the sun-drenched slopes, lies the magnificent village of Lania. One of the most visited villages in the wine region, it is famous for its stunning flowers and idyllic courtyards that truly transform in the spring.
  • Troodos peaks. The peaks of the Troodos mountains rise almost 2000 meters above sea level. It is worth going here to breathe in the cool mountain air and admire the beauty of the island from above. Formed 92 million years ago, the Troodos National Park is a forested area covering about 90 km around Mount Olympus. It is home to 750 plant species, 72 of which are found only here. And if you want to get to know the nature of Cyprus and the many rare plants and herbs of the area, be sure to go to the pretty Troodos Botanical Garden.
  • Botanical park and labyrinth of CyHerbia. It is in the quiet village of Avgorou - a great place to visit in the spring, especially if you have kids. They will definitely enjoy running in the big hedge maze. Adults can explore 10 themed gardens filled with all sorts of Mediterranean herbs. And check out the herb store to stock up on healing supplies.
  • Cape Greco National Park. Another gem of the east coast, Cape Greco is a magnificent national park between Ayia Napa and Protaras. It is known for its spectacular sea caves and various nature trails. Pass through the rocky promontory and you can see juniper and pine trees, as well as countless shrubs that cover the area. But in spring, all the surroundings become more colourful: orchids bloom!
  • One of the most popular villages in Cyprus and a favourite place for day trips. A cozy village with friendly people, great climate and places to stay and eat. You can visit Caledonia Falls and Millomeris Falls if you are willing to walk a few kilometres along the forest trail. There is even a chocolate workshop in the village to have fun with the whole family.
  • The village is small but very beautiful. It has a 13th century church, Ayi Anargyri, which is located in the garden of the spa resort Ayi Anargyri. There is also an Anerades circular nature trail that starts in the village and is especially good in spring.



Northern Cyprus in spring

As with the Greek half, spring is the perfect time to travel to Northern Cyprus. There are even fewer tourists here than on the south side, and the weather is no different from the rest of the island.

Spring in Northern Cyprus is also pleasant. Sunny warm days allow you to start sunbathing early, but already in the second half of May the sea water temperature becomes comfortable for swimming. Rains are possible, but they are short and very rare. Everywhere in Northern Cyprus it is equally beautiful to travel in the spring. Among the must-see places are Kyrenia with the castle of St. Hilarion and the ghost town of Famagusta.


Festivals in Cyprus in spring

  • Anfestiria. May 27 is the day when the island says goodbye to spring and all cities celebrate the festival of flowers, filling the streets with festive parades and flower fairs. Do not miss a trip to Paphos, which turns into a flower garden: everyone celebrates this holiday with incredible scope. Positive emotions and vivid impressions will be enough for you for the year ahead! The holiday is dedicated to plants that grow in Cyprus. There are about two thousand species of various plants on this small island! And 150 can only be found on this island.
  • In March, one of the most famous events takes place - Limassol Carnival Fes. It has been held annually since 1890, and the history of the holiday goes back to Ancient Greece. Today, this carnival is a magnificent spectacle that will be interesting to visit for both children and adults. Ten or twelve days before Easter fast, the people of Cyprus dress up in colourful costumes and masks to celebrate carnival. The largest and most well organized event takes place in Limassol. The first week, or Meat Week, begins with the arrival of the Carnival King in the city, accompanied by serenades, music and dancing by children. The second week, or Cheese Week, symbolizes the upcoming fast, so meat is not consumed, but only dairy products are consumed. On the final day, the Grand Carnival Parade brings the entire city to life as thousands of dressed up people in masks and colourful costumes follow the Carnival King to watch the floats in the sea and receive a blessing of good luck from the King .
  • Tulip Festival in April Festival in the village of Polemi. This festival has been held annually since 2002: flower lovers come to admire the blooming of wild tulips. Holiday dates are floating.
  • April's main event is Easter. Preparing for the bright Resurrection of Christ, local residents clean their houses, bake Easter cakes, paint eggs and roast lamb on a spit. On Easter night, all believers participate in the night liturgy.
  • Limassol Marathon - one of the largest European cities, gathers participants from all over Europe.
  • On March 25, parades and festivities are held in honour of the Independence of Greece.
  • April 1 marks the beginning of the National Liberation War in Cyprus.
  • The last Saturday before Holy Week is Lazarus Saturday. A feast in honour of one of the most beloved saints of the island and the patron saint of Larnaca.


What to bring

  • Light things. All the same, the sun can be hot during the day and you will want to wear a light summer dress or a comfortable T-shirt and shorts.
  • Warm clothes. For the evening, be sure to take sweatshirts, sweatshirts with long sleeves, pants.
  • Comfortable shoes. Spring is the time to conquer mountains and trails. Make sure you have something to conquer them.
  • Although the sun is not strong yet, sunscreen and sun protective clothing are essential.
  • It may be too early for a sea bath, but you'll want to lie on a sun lounger on the beach!
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A visit to Cyprus in the spring is ideal for educational tours. It's time to see historical sites, villages, national parks and even relax on the beach. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the blooming island: you will not see it like this at any other time of the year!


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