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La Digue Island is the third most populous and fourth largest island in the Seychelles archipelago by land area. The island cannot boast of a large number of historical and cultural attractions, but it has several interesting places that are worth visiting for a traveler. Let's tell you more about them. 

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Veuve Nature Reserve

This 21-hectare nature reserve is part of a vast plateau in the western part of La Digue Island .

The reserve is designed to protect a variety of plant and animal species, many of which are represented only in the Seychelles. However, its main purpose is to provide protected conditions for the conservation of the Seychelles black paradise flycatcher population.

Another important objective of the reserve is to raise awareness among tourists and local people about the importance of protecting the natural environment of the Seychelles. The reserve is located next to the school, and educational events are often held here for schoolchildren and anyone interested.

The trails in this location are easily accessible and convenient for walking. The staff is friendly and willing to answer questions and give tips on finding birds. While walking through the reserve, you will be able to meet many species of animals and plants, such as Seychelles fruit bats, miniature terrapin turtles and giant land crabs, evergreen takamaka trees , as well as other representatives of the local flora and fauna.

There is an exhibition on the territory of the reserve that provides general information about both flycatchers and the environment of the Seychelles.

The reserve is open to visitors from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

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L' Union Park​ Estate

The park, formerly a coconut and vanilla plantation, is located in the southern part of La Digue Island . While visiting the park, you can get acquainted with the colonial history of the island, stroll through a palm grove, look into a traditional copra factory and discover the secrets of coconut oil production, make friends with the giant Aldabra tortoise , take an exciting tour on a glass kayak, relax on the famous Anse beach Source d'Argent with its white sands and granite boulders, take stunning photos for social networks, and also visit the main attraction of the park - the planter's house.

The thatched structure is built in a colonial style using fine wood and is one of the oldest examples of French colonial architecture in the Seychelles. It was this location that became the setting for the popular 1977 French film “Farewell, Emmanuelle!”

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Notre Dame de L' AssumptionChurch

A small functioning Catholic church that attracts the attention of travelers with its colorful yellow facade and green-painted roof. Located near L'Union Park . Notable for being the first Catholic church on the island.

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Nid d' Aigle​

It is the highest peak of La Digue Island , rising more than 300 meters above sea level, and is also known as the Eagle's Nest.

To save energy, you can take a taxi that will take you to the village of Belle Vue . There you can replenish your energy by having a snack on the open terrace of the restaurant of the same name, and, after admiring the view of the surrounding area, continue your ascent to the highest peak of La Digue . Despite some steep sections of the route, the route is not overly difficult and will not require any special physical training. However, you must remain careful while walking and be aware of the slippery nature of the rocks, especially after rain. The trail is only partially shaded, so when climbing, do not ignore solar activity, wear suitable clothing and comfortable closed shoes.

Along the way you will see green geckos, as well as endemic species of birds and plants. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of La Passe, as well as the islands of Mahe , Praslin , Curieuse, Felicite , Fregate and Grande Soeur .

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Beaches Grand Anse and Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Beach Source d'Argent is a must-see for every tourist. With its white sand, crystal clear waters and towering granite boulders, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. A visit to this beach can be combined with a walk through L'Union Park .

Grand Anse is another stunning clean white sand beach on the La Digue coast . Big and wide, Grand Anse is surrounded by picturesque cliffs and turquoise ocean waters. Offers secluded relaxation and colorful sunsets.

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Anse Beach Cocos

To get to this secluded beach, you will have to make a lot of effort and take a walk along picturesque paths hidden in lush tropical vegetation. The beach, curved in a horseshoe shape and surrounded by luscious palm trees, is strewn with clean white sand. In the northern part of the bay there is a unique natural pool surrounded by massive boulders, which protects from the waves and allows you to enjoy a safe swim in the warm azure water​

The beach is quite difficult to access and there are no overnight accommodation options nearby.


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