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Mahe is the main local island of the Seychelles archipelago. The largest piece of land on which about 80% of the inhabitants of the whole country live. A lively resort center with the capital of the Seychelles, an international airport, amazing vacation offers and fabulous nature of the tropics. The tropical island of a remote archipelago in the Indian Ocean offers a wide range of entertainment and excellent infrastructure for tourists. There are great opportunities for active leisure and incredible experiences.

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General characteristics of the island:

  • Area: 155 sq. km
  • Length: 27 km
  • Width: 8 km
  • Highest point: Morne Seychellois (907 meters)
  • Population: about 80 thousand people
  • Capital: Victoria
  • Official languages: French, Seychelles, English

Mahe Island is the center of travel in the Seychelles. This is the point of departure for all day trips to Praslin and La Digue, as well as a transit point on the way to private resorts. Although in fact Mahe has enough accommodation and wonderful places worth visiting. In the capital of the Seychelles, which is located on Mahe , you can find cultural attractions, in the vicinity there are natural parks, a chic botanical garden and incredibly beautiful beaches. Organized walking tours in Mahe will tell a lot of interesting things about the nature and culture of the Seychelles.



City of Victoria

On Mahe you will visit the smallest capital of Africa. Victoria has a special charm. This is the only city of the Seychelles and the most developed territory of the archipelago. Victoria is located in the northeastern part of the island, close to the steep mountain slopes. The city was founded during the time of the French settlements on the island, and received its current name during the period of the British colony, in honor of Queen Victoria. The influence of colonial history can be traced in urban architecture. Among the main decorations of the central part of the city are a mini-copy of Big Ben and a statue of the queen.

Along with European touches, the Vinayagar Hindu temple can be seen in Victoria. The city is quite small. The administrative and cultural center of the Seychelles consists of a couple dozen small streets. And for the whole of Victoria, you can count only two traffic lights. In the center there are two main squares with cozy avenues.

A few must-see places in the capital:

  • Harbor and St. Anne's National Marine Park, on the east side of the city.
  • La Misère viewpoint.
  • City Botanical Garden Mont Fleuri.
  • Selwyn-Clark Market. The old market, founded in 1840, with a selection of seafood, fish, exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • Seychelles National Historical Museum (in the building of the National Cultural Center).
  • Temple Arul Mihu Navasakti Vinayagar.
  • Old Bel Air Cemetery.
  • The bicentennial monument on Freedom Square, as a symbol of unity in the Seychelles of the peoples of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Kenwyn house. Beautiful building in the style of French colonial architecture. Inside is the best gift shop in town and an art gallery.
  • Clock tower or "Little Big Ben".
  • Museum of Natural History (Independence Avenue). Among the incredible exhibits is a 180 million year old granite stone.
  • Paul's Cathedral (Revolution Avenue).

A walking tour of Victoria for guests of Mahe is included in the list of must-do on the island. The atmospheric town is decorated with bright facades of stone and wooden houses of the early 20th century. Small restaurants and shops, aromas of dishes of local establishments and counters with spices give a special charm.


Mahe International Airport

The island has the only airport in the archipelago that accepts international flights. Therefore, all trips to the Seychelles begin with Mahe. Pointe Larue is located a few kilometers from Victoria. Getting from the airport to the city is not difficult. There are bus routes or you can take a taxi. Pointe Larue is a relatively small but modern airport with infrastructure. There are three terminals: for international flights, domestic passenger and cargo. The airport has a 3-kilometer runway that serves all types of aircraft.


The best beaches in Mahe

The island has more than 70 beaches with white coasts, surrounded by cliffs and tropics. These unique landscapes are the hallmark of Mahe.

Beau Wallon. One of the most fabulous coasts of the island, in its northeastern part. This place is very popular due to the beautiful reef and clear waters. Snorkeling is the main activity here. The infrastructure of the beach is well developed: there are coastal restaurants, supermarkets, water equipment rentals and shops. Close proximity to popular hotels.

Anse Royale. The second significant beach. The longest coastline on Mahe. A favorable place for swimming with a calm sea. The beach is very popular, especially during the summer season - from May to October. Very good choice of hotels nearby.

Anse a la Mouche. Wide shallow coastline in the southwest of the island. A beautiful bay with green landscapes and calm waters. This place is often chosen by families with children.

Anse aux Pins. Shallow, narrow beach surrounded by dense tropics. East coast of Mahe . Suitable for snorkeling and windsurfing. Excellent infrastructure. Nearby there are hotels, restaurants, shops, as well as a 9-hole golf course.

Anse Bazarka ( Anse bazarca ) . Deep-sea coast surrounded by wild landscapes. During the summer months, algae bloom here. A great place to enjoy the surf in the bosom of tropical nature.

Anse Boilereau. A quiet fishing bay amid the rocky landscape of the west coast of Mahe. At high tide, the sandy strip of the coast is practically covered with water.

Anse Baleine. A small secluded beach in the southeastern part of Mahe. The coast is surrounded by rocky landscapes and dense jungle. The calm shallow waters are suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Anse Forbans. A popular beach among holidaymakers with children in the southeast of the island. There are many hotels nearby, so it is always crowded here. Suitable for swimming and snorkelling.

Anse Intendance. One of the most picturesque beaches in Mahe. A long spit of white sand, surrounded by bright greenery and rocks. The sea is deep and turbulent, so you should swim with caution. Wild and very beautiful beach in the south of the island.

Anse L'ilot. Lost in the dense jungle, a pretty beach in the southwestern part of the island. At high tide, the spit practically disappears under the sea washing the rocks. The untouched bay with crystal water is suitable for snorkeling . Near the beach there is a restaurant and shops.

Anse Takamaka. Golden coast in the shade of tall palm trees. One of the most unique places in the Seychelles. The beach is located on the southwest coast of Mahe. Gentle entry, clear water, excellent conditions for relaxation and snorkeling. Nearby there is parking and a bus stop.

Grand Anse. A place for surfers and connoisseurs of long walks. This beach is one of the longest in the Seychelles. The landscapes of the west coast are simply mesmerizing: white sand against the background of blue water, high hills covered with dense tropics.


Things to do on Mahe: things to do on the island

The nature and infrastructure of the largest island of the Seychelles allows you to enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Mountain routes, untouched paradise coasts, the best diving, surfing, walks around the capital, helicopter tours and many other activities. On Mahe, you can rent a car and go to see the best places. Let's try to figure out where you should definitely visit on Mahe.

Mont Victoria Botanical Garden Fleuri

Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. It was founded in 1901. Exotic flora grows here on an area of 6 hectares, including one of the most unique tropical plants - the coco de mer palm. Its nut ripens up to 10 years, and its weight reaches 20-25 kilograms. The main highlight of the botanical garden is turtles from the island of Aldabra. The life expectancy of these amazing animals exceeds 150 years. Giant tortoises are the symbol of the Seychelles.


National History Museum

In the center of Victoria, in the building of the National Library, the Seychelles Historical Museum is located with very interesting exhibits. It houses a map of the Seychelles in 1517, ancient household items found on sunken ships, and thematic exhibitions dedicated to the history of the archipelago.


Selwyn Clark Market

An obligatory part of the walk through the main places of Mahe. The colorful market offers its 200-year-old atmosphere, as well as always fresh exotic products and fish. Handicrafts and souvenirs in a wide range. You can visit this place on any day of the week except Sunday.


Morne National Park Seychellois

The park was created around the main peak of the island. The height of the mountain reaches 907 meters. Rare relic plant species grow on it, so the territory was declared a protected area. From a height, stunning views of the nature of the island and the ocean open up. The park has more than a dozen routes with different loads. In search of relic plants and picturesque panoramas, tourists go to Morne Blanc, Trois-Freres and Copolia. You can reach the top by lift in 15 minutes. Morne Seychellois occupies most of the island and is located not far from the capital, therefore it is very popular.

On the slope of Morne Blanc there is a tea factory and plantations. It's another mas du"on Mahe. During the tour, you can see the process of making and packing tea, admire the beautiful landscapes of the plantations, sit in a local cafe and buy exclusive tea souvenirs in the shop.


Val Craft Village des Press

Mahe has its own craft village, a real center of folk art of the Creole culture. Located Domaine de Val des Pres (also Craft Village) on the east coast of Mahe . This is a former coconut plantation, where the atmosphere of a hundred years ago was preserved in every detail. Here you will get acquainted with the colonial architecture of the island, culture, crafts, gastronomy, art and traditions of the Seychelles. The local Museum of Crafts sells exclusive hand-made souvenirs.


St. Anne Marine Park

In Victoria Harbor in the northeast of Mahe is an unusual marine park, which includes six islands and a stretch of sea between them. The reserve annually attracts thousands of tourists with its immense beauty of the underwater world. In the park of St. Anne, boat trips are offered on a yacht with a transparent bottom. For the sake of preserving the unique ecosystem of the local reefs, it is forbidden to swim in motor boats or fish on the territory of the reserve. On land it is no less interesting.

St. Ann Marine Park offers unspoiled tropical landscapes, giant tortoises and stunning diving in private.


Marine Park Port Lohne

Lohne Port is another amazing place on Mahe worth mentioning. Port Lone is a deep bay with excellent conditions for many types of water recreation - kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling , diving , sea cruises, fishing. Here is the island's popular resort Constance Ephelia.

So, what is definitely worth doing on Mahe:

  • Stroll around the capital and the botanical garden.
  • See unique finds at the Historical Museum in Victoria.
  • Go mountain climbing in Morne Park Seychellois.
  • Visit a real tea factory.
  • Experience the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles beau Vallon.
  • Sample traditional Creole cuisine at local cafes and restaurants.
  • Enjoy diving time on the most stunning reefs of St. Anne Marine Park.
  • Stroll around the artificial island of Eden, an affluent area with luxurious marinas.
  • Takamaka Rum Production at Takamaka Rum distillery. Tastings are held here, and the products you like can be purchased on the spot. Giant tortoises live on the territory of the plant.
  • Book an excursion to the islands of Praslin and La Digue.
  • Learn Creole crafts in the village of Val des Prés.


Where to eat on Mahe

Creole cuisine has been heavily influenced by the colonial past. Restaurants offer not only Creole, but also Asian, African dishes, European cuisine and a large selection of seafood. Most of Mahe's restaurants are concentrated in resorts, especially in the area of the popular Beau Vallon beach, and in Victoria. On Mahe, you can taste all the variety of local cuisine and taste familiar flavors. There are enough pizzerias here, and restaurant delivery, among other things, offers the usual hamburgers and sushi.

In Bel village Ombre must visit Trader Vic's Seychelles, with an excellent international menu, as well as the Asian restaurant Seyshima. The best Italian cuisine and seafood in Beau Vallon can be tasted at La Perle noire. In Anse Royale, take a look at Les Dauphins Heureux Cafe Restaurant and Café Creol. In the capital, it's worth dining at La dolce Vita. There are more than enough food establishments on Mahe.


Where to stay on Mahe

Wherever you stay on the island, the nearest beach is 20 minutes max. Mahe has a large selection of accommodation facilities - more than 300 options. This includes apartments, hotels and luxury hotels. The most popular are the resorts of the western coasts, where the best beaches are. The main feature of the Seychelles is that there are no private territories near the sea. Everyone, regardless of location, can get to the coast at luxurious hotels and freely enjoy the surrounding nature.

Luxury hotels on Mahe:

  • Domaine Desaubin Luxury Villas (Takamaka).
  • Eden Island Luxury One Bedroom Apartment Eden.
  • Mango House Seychelles, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Bay Anse Aux - Poule Bleu, near to the beach Anse Soleil).
  • Villa de Maitre Seychelles (island Eden).
  • Laila, Seychelles, a Tribute Portfolio Resort (Anse piano).

The best accommodation options on Mahe in terms of price-quality ratio:

  • Constance Ephelia
  • Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas
  • STORY Seychelles
  • Four Seasons Resort Seychelles
  • Kempinski Seychelles Resort
  • Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa
  • Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa
  • Carana Beach Hotel

Villa de maitre Seychelles
Villa de maitre Seychelles

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