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A trip to the Maldives in summer is a good choice for travelers who prefer vacation at attractive prices and live under the motto: “there is no bad weather, there are only inappropriate clothes.”

Besides the weather conditions, there are other aspects to consider when choosing the time of year to travel to the Maldives. Get the best deals for these prices and quality.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of a summer vacation in the Maldives and talk about what pitfalls await an unprepared tourist during this period.

S Migaj
S Migaj

1. Summer weather in the Maldives

The Maldives has a hot tropical climate all year round. At the same time, there are two distinct seasons: dry (associated with arid northeastern winter monsoons) and a wet (caused by humid southwestern monsoons).

The rainy season in the Maldives

When planning their voyage to the Maldives, many travelers are wondering when the rainy season in the Maldives begins and what to expect from this period.

The rainy season in the Maldives is from May to November. The southwest monsoon can cause instant showers that permeate the archipelago within minutes and disappear as quickly as they appeared. During this period, the weather conditions are very changeable; sunny days alternate with rainy and windy ones, the risk of storms with harsh winds and heavy rainfall increases. At the same time, the refreshing winds make high humidity easier to tolerate.

Summer in the Maldives is slightly colder than the spring months and a slight downward trend in temperatures begins in June.

Average temperatures in the Maldives in June

  • in the afternoon about 30 degrees;
  • at night not lower than 26 degrees;
  • water 29 degrees.

Average temperatures in July-August.

  • in the afternoon 28-29 degrees;
  • at night 26-28 degrees;
  • water 29 degrees.

On summer nights, the water can sometimes become warmer than the air. In calm coves, this is a great opportunity for swimming in the light of the moon.

2. Prices

Another question that interests those who still visit the Maldives is how much it costs. Many European tourists choose to visit the Maldives during the cold winter months. Summer in these parts is considered a low season, so trips to the Maldives in summer significantly drop in price. The resorts reduce their prices by 40-50% compared to the winter period in order to attract guests. In addition to reduced prices for accommodation, some hotels offer pleasant discounts on additional services, such as spa services.

Resorts prices

Approximate prices for 3 overnights stay in the Maldives in August:

  • $ 120 is for the Wind Breeze Sunset View Inn 3*, located on Guraidhoo Island, Kaafu Atoll. The price includes a continental breakfast. In addition, you will need to pay a tax of $ 46.
  • Nearly $ 700 will cost an accommodation in a beach villa in Malakhini Kuda Bandos 4*, North Male Atoll. The price includes meals and necessary taxes.
  • $ 880 - The cost of a villa at Sun Island Resort & Spa 5*, Ari Atoll. The price includes All inclusive meals and taxes.

Sun Island Resort & Spa
Sun Island Resort & Spa

Restaurant prices

Maldives tastes a wide variety of catering establishments from humble eateries to fine dining restaurants to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

One of the most interesting is the “SEA.FIRE.SPICE.SKY” restaurant complex, located on the territory of the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas 5* resort, Baa Atoll.

The four-in-one restaurant concept combines:

  • Sea - Underwater Restaurant, where you can sample gourmet Maldivian and European cuisine while watching sharks and tropical fish swim peacefully behind curved glass walls. There is also the world's first underwater wine cellar, where you can experience the taste of prestigious vineyards and taste unique wines. The bar contains 450 labels from 17 countries, including rare and vintage bottles.

The estimated cost of lunch at Sea Restaurant is $ 295 per person (no alcohol) and $ 420 (wine tasting included).

The restaurant also has a 4 or 7 course vegetarian menu. The price of a 7-course vegetarian lunch is $ 345-540 (depending on drink choice).

  • Fire and Spice restaurants offer Japanese and Asian cuisine. Here you can choose from freshly caught lobster from the sea and enjoy the show cooking.
  • In the Sky Lounge bar, you can not only enjoy a cocktail under the starry sky, but also discover the galaxy with the help of the most powerful telescope of the Nadiv Islands.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas
Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

3. What to do in the Maldives in the summer

Do not let possible rain get in the way of your wonderful vacation! After all, rainy hours can be spent away in a bar, fitness center or taking advantage of one of the special offers at the spa. The rest of the time, enjoy a beach holiday or choose one of the exciting activities that the Maldives offer to its guests.

Diving and surfing

Among the entertainment that is very popular in the summer, it is worth highlighting scuba diving with manta rays as well as surfing.

North Male and Addu Atolls are some of the most popular places for tourists to meet stingrays. In addition to observing marine life, here you can explore the most interesting sunken objects such as the ships of “Maldives Victory”, “Seagull” and “British Loyalty.”

A description of the Maldives' underwater world would be incomplete without mentioning the famous Hanifary Bay, where you can see huge concentrations of stingrays, manta rays as well as reef and whale sharks. The largest number of stingrays in this location is observed in the period from August to November, but in other summer months, meeting with mantas is guaranteed here.

Dive into the underwater world of the Maldives at the unique Hanifaru Biosphere Reserve.

In the summer months, the Male Atolls and the Central Atolls (Taa, Laamu, Mimu) are the most attractive for surfers. Resorts such as Gili Lankanfushi, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Six Senses Laamu and Niyama Private Islands offer great surfing spots that are easily accessible.

Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Laamu


In the Maldives, you can choose an excursion based on your interests, as well as physical and financial capabilities. The duration of such excursions can range from a few hours (some snorkeling tours, a walking tour in Male, a sunset cruise, and others) to several days.

Those who opt for long excursions can take a three-day cultural trip to Guraidhoo Island, during which they can

  • learn how traditional dhoni wooden boats are built;
  • enjoy a relaxing BBQ on the beach under the stars and dance to the rhythms of the boduberu;
  • get acquainted with the life of local residents, make friends with a local family at a traditional dinner at their house (without the help of a knife and fork);
  • swim and snorkel in sea waters and meet the many underwater inhabitants;
  • go diving, surfing, kiting and windsurfing.

Estimated cost: $ 699 per person based on double occupancy. For children 2-11 years old - $ 299.

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can take a three-day sea adventure to Dhigurah Island, located in the South Ari Atoll area. Translated from the Dhivehi language, Dhigurah means long island, and it is indeed the longest island in the atoll. The picturesque island has a long beach, sheltered by a lagoon and a sandbar on the southern edge.

South Ari Atoll is well known for year-round sightings of whale sharks, especially on the reefs behind Dhigurah Island. Therefore, the highlight of this excursion is of course the whale shark diving safari. In addition, travelers can admire the beauty of the Maldives, dolphins, ride kayaks and SUP boards, and chat with locals. The tour can be supplemented with a walk around the city of Male, which will allow you to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the Maldives.

Estimated cost: $ 799 per person based on double occupancy. For children 2-11 years old - $ 299.


In addition to all kinds of water activities and excursions, the Maldives offers an exciting opportunity to play golf surrounded by palm trees and the ocean. The Kuredu Island Resort & Spa's Golf Club boasts a full-size driving range and large golf lawn.

After the game, you can relax in the Golf bar watching your favorite sports channels or visit the Golf shop and buy souvenirs there.

The cost of a lesson ranges from $ 60 to $ 150.

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa
Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Maldivian cooking lessons

Some Maldivian resorts (for example, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa 4) organize individual cooking lessons for their guests, during which those who wish can learn how to cook mouth-watering local dishes in order to delight loved ones with their masterpieces upon returning home. Exciting cocktail making workshops are also held.

The price of a cooking class for a couple is $ 69.

The price of the cocktail master class is $ 25.

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa
Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

4. Holidays and events

World oceans day

Despite the abundance of life in local waters, the Maldives has a very fragile ecosystem. After the devastating coral bleaching in 2016, El Niño killed up to 85% of the coral on the islands. Today resorts and local residents are actively involved in a variety of programs aimed at restoring coral reefs and protecting the underwater world.

In some resorts, corals are grown in special nurseries and then planted on reefs. Guests are taught to swim safely and snorkel while protecting the marine environment.

Various festivals aimed at protecting the environment are also held, including Whale shark fest and Manta fest.

One of the most famous ecological holidays is World Oceans Day, which is celebrated in the Maldives every year on June 8th.

The celebration includes a coastal clean-up ceremony, numerous events and exhibitions that demonstrate the importance of preserving natural beauty and the environment. The culmination of the day are flower fairs and dances by the sea, in which not only locals but also tourists take part with pleasure.

Selected resorts can organize free snorkeling safaris for all comers to clean up lagoons and house reefs.

Maldives Independence Day

Celebrated every year on July 26th. In 1887, the archipelago became a protectorate of the British Empire. The Sultan of the Maldives agreed to relinquish the sovereignty of the islands in matters of foreign policy. In turn, the British pledged to provide military protection to the Maldives and adhere to a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of the islands. At the same time, the Maldives were obliged to consult with Britain on key changes, such as the appointment of a new sultan. This went on for over 70 years, until July 26, 1965, the Maldives gained full independence.

The festivities include nationwide military and schoolchildren parades, as well as public holidays and special menus offered at most local restaurants.

Hajj day

Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, which is a mandatory religious duty of Muslims. The Hajj should be performed at least once in a lifetime by everyone who is physically and financially capable of such a journey.

Declared a public holiday and a day off for the Maldivians.

Dates: July 19, 2021, July 8, 2022.

Eid ul Adha (or Bodu eid)

This holiday of sacrifice is one of the most important religious holidays of the Maldivians and is celebrated the day after the Hajj.

Locals start the day with morning prayers at the mosque, prepare festive meals and invite relatives and friends to a festive feast.

The holiday is accompanied by various cultural events, music and national dances, which can last until late in the evening.

Dates: July 20-23, 2021.

Islamic New Year (Muharram)

It is primarily a religious holiday and a day off for the population. Large-scale celebrations typical of the traditional European New Year are not held.

Date: August 9, 2021.

5. Where to stay in the Maldives in summer

The choice of a resort depends primarily on the priorities and the level of comfort that you want to receive during your vacation. The Maldives with its wide selection of hotels will suit absolutely all categories of travelers, lovers of both beach and outdoor activities, families with children, couples in love, fun companies, as well as tourists who prefer to travel alone.

How to choose a hotel in the Maldives with helpful tips and examples.

In addition to the classic accommodation options, in the Maldives you can get acquainted with such a holiday format as glamorous camping, which is gaining popularity in the world.

Camping with five-star comfort - this is how you can describe this amazing type of vacation.

Guests wishing to combine the atmosphere of seclusion in nature with all the comforts of a luxurious hotel room can stay in a transparent sphere on the beach, hidden from prying eyes.

Such rooms have already been installed at Seaside Finolhu 5 (Kanufushi Island, Baa Atoll) and Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences 5 (Baa Atoll).

Cost of living

  • at Finolhu Beach Bubble - $ 800 per pair (excluding taxes).
  • at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences - from $ 750 (depending on the chosen package).

By choosing this accommodation option, you can enjoy tropical landscapes around the clock. Vacationers can also complement their stay in this unique place with champagne and snacks or a barbecue on the beach prepared by a private chef.

Seaside Finolhu
Seaside Finolhu

6. Advantages and disadvantages of summer holidays in the Maldives

Summer prices in the Maldives certainly delight travelers. However, when planning your trip for this period, you need to take into account the variable weather conditions and high humidity.

A well-planned vacation, even in a rainy season, will allow you to return home with a whole heap of vivid impressions and discoveries.


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