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The ocean waters surrounding the Seychelles hold many secrets. Coral gardens and mangroves, sharks and rays, dolphins and whales, sea turtles and many reef fish - this is just a small part of the impressive flora and fauna that visitors to this heavenly corner of the planet can admire.

You don't have to be an experienced diver to see below the surface of the ocean. In the Seychelles, the pleasure of contemplating the beauty of nature is available to almost every traveler. All you have to do is take your mask, snorkel and fins...

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When is the best time to go

Snorkeling in the Seychelles is possible all year round. However, the best months for this exciting activity are April, October and November, providing good visibility, minimum wind and waves.


Where to go snorkeling in the Seychelles

The islands of Mahe, La Digue and Praslin are popular among tourists, they boast many great snorkeling spots. You can get acquainted with marine life both from the beach and during exciting excursions that involve swimming with a mask and snorkel.

If for some reason you do not want to go on boat trips, but at the same time want to discover the incredible beauty of the Indian Ocean, consider snorkeling locations that are accessible from the shore.


Snorkeling beaches on Mahe

Mahe is the largest pearl in the necklace of the Seychelles, around which a fairly large number of places for snorkeling are concentrated. Here you can admire the coral reefs, meet many species of schooling reef fish, angelfish, surgeonfish, groupers and octopuses.

Among the best beaches for snorkeling on the island of Mahe:

  • Beau Vallon is the most famous Mahe beach, where vacationers can do a variety of water activities, as well as snorkeling.
  • Baie Lazare located on the bay in the southwestern part of Mahe and is rightly considered one of the best beaches on the island. Partially surrounded by a coral reef densely populated with colorful marine life, it is quite popular with snorkelers .
  • Anse Soleil is near Baie Lazare and offers tourists a beautiful sandy coast lined with granite rocks; lush coral beds that are home to a variety of tropical fish. It is possible to meet with an eagle ray, which is a frequent guest in these places.

In addition, snorkeling from the shore is available at beaches such as Anse Royale, Fairyland Beach, Sunset Beach, as well as on two beaches of Port National Marine Park Launay next to Constance Hotel Ephelia.


Snorkeling beaches on Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest island after Mahe. Despite the fact that it does not have such an abundance of spots as its neighbor, snorkelers who stay here will not be bored. After all, in the northern part of the island there is Anse Lazio, a beautiful beach strewn with white sands and adorned with luscious palm trees. At both ends of the beach, there are snorkelling areas near the cliffs, and crystal clear waters provide excellent visibility. Of the famous representatives of the underwater kingdom, there are surgeon fish, sea urchins and rays.

Resting on the island of Praslin, you can not ignore the Anse Beach Volbert, also known as Cote d'Or. It does not have such an abundance of underwater flora and fauna as some other Seychellois spots, but a large variety of fish lives here, and with some luck you can also meet sea turtles.


Snorkeling beaches on La Digue

La Digue Island and its neighboring islands Felicite and Coco offer some of the best snorkeling spots in the Seychelles. In addition to colorful coral reefs, here you can see hawk turtles, rays, bats and a number of other representatives of the underwater fauna.

Among the best spots for snorkeling on the island of La Digue:

  • Anse Severe is a beautiful beach in the northern part of La Digue island. The location can be easily reached on foot or by bike. Here you can explore the lagoon next to the beach, as well as the outer reef, watch numerous fish and meet eagle rays.
  • Anse Patate is within walking distance of Anse Severe and is notable for granite rocks, coral formations, as well as a high probability of encounters with sea turtles and rays.
  • Anse Source d'Argent is a magnificent beach with a shallow lagoon inhabited by a large number of colorful tropical fish. The lagoon is well suited for beginner divers, while more experienced swimmers can explore the outer reef under the right weather conditions.
  • Anse Caiman is one of the best spots for regular sea turtle sightings around La Digue.

Good opportunities for snorkeling are provided by Denis Island, located at a distance of about 95 kilometers from Mahe. However, to enjoy them to the fullest, you must be a guest of the luxurious Denis Resort.

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Snorkeling gear and kayaks for guests to explore the lagoon that surrounds the island. The waters around the island are teeming with tropical fish, turtles and other colorful marine life. And fishing near Denis Island is considered one of the best places in the world to catch marlin.

Excursions including snorkeling

Travelers wishing to expand their geography can go on a boat trip to St. Anna Marine National Park, located about 5 kilometers from the island of Mahe. Local operators offer daily excursions, including a glass bottom boat tour, during which you can learn about the history of the park, relax on magnificent beaches, enjoy corals of all shapes and colors, and swim with hawk turtles.

Another stunning marine park is Bay Ternay, which is located a few kilometers from the popular tourist area Beau Vallon invites divers and snorkelers to enjoy the rich marine life. Here guests can expect mangroves, sandy and rocky shores, sightings of dolphins, whale sharks, sea turtles and moray eels. There are large concentrations of catfish. You can replenish your energy supply after active leisure time on the water during a barbecue, which is provided for in many excursions.

Try boat trip to Curieuse Island and St. Pierre Island, located near Praslin Island, it will allow you to admire the pristine beauty of nature, discover many species of birds, watch huge turtles, and also do exciting snorkeling and diving.

For the organization of excursions it is recommended to use the services of licensed operators.


Snorkeling in the outer islands

If you're ready for longer sea and air trips, visit the Astove, Cosmoledo and Poivre atolls, as well as Alphonse Island, known for their stunning underwater scenery. Here you can explore the ocean depths, admire the pristine coral reefs and swim with manta rays .

Alphonse Island (400 kilometers from Mahe). The island offers a variety of snorkeling spots suitable for travelers of all skill levels and ages. Signature attractions here are swimming with manta rays , as well as a 1 kilometer canal walk, during which snorkelers can see a wide range of marine life.

Astove Atoll (1055 kilometers from Mahe). The best spot for snorkeling here is The Wall. The top of the reef is located at a depth of only 1-2 meters, which allows you to see in detail all the beauty and colors of the underwater world.

Cosmoledo Atoll (1030 kilometers from Mahe). A large atoll with great opportunities for snorkeling offers the opportunity to admire corals, seaweed, reef fish, turtles and rays.

Poivre Atoll (268 kilometers from Mahe). On this atoll, travelers are provided with excellent snorkeling, during which you can see reef fish, rays and even nurse sharks.



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