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The Seychelles welcomes tourists from all over the world all year round, which obliges it to maintain the transport system at the proper level. Mahe is the largest of the islands, where the country's air gateway is Pointe Airport Larue . Mahe is full of beautiful places that are worth seeing. These include pristine coastlines, national parks, original villages and, of course, the capital of Seychelles , the city of Victoria . How and what is more comfortable to travel around the island, we will consider further.

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Around Mahe by bus

Public transport on Mahe is reliable and travel is relatively inexpensive. According to the route schedules, the first buses leave the routes at 5:30, and the last at 20:30, with an optimal interval of 15-20 minutes. There are fixed stops, but you can stop the bus anywhere.

The fare costs 5-7 SCR (about 0.8-1 dollar). The ticket price may vary slightly depending on the distance and direction. After 20:30 (except Sundays) there is every chance to get there by late bus, although the fare increases to 10 SCR. As for transfers from the airport to ferries to other islands, travel by bus will cost a little more - 15 SCR.

What to pay attention to

to plan travel around Mahe by bus with plenty of time, because:

  1. There is a tendency to lag behind official schedules.
  2. The maximum permissible speed within populated areas is 45 km/h, outside them - 65 km/h. This is due to narrow roads and mountainous terrain.

Taxi on Mahe

It’s worth noting right away that the pleasure is unreasonably expensive. Finding a taxi on Mahe is not difficult; there are plenty of special services and private cars, but the difference in fare compared to a bus is noticeable. It will be a little cheaper if a taxi transfer is organized by your hotel, so check these points in advance.

The advantage of traveling by taxi is often the welcoming taxi drivers. Local drivers are happy to take on the role of excursion guide. It is in a taxi that you can learn all the most interesting things about the sights and get practical advice about locations and routes. But still, be vigilant, check all the information received, agree in advance on the final cost of the trip and pay attention to the presence of a meter in the car.

Taxi cost on Mahe : for the first kilometer - about 15 SCR, for each subsequent kilometer + 5 SCR.


Car rental on Mahe

If you are planning to travel around Mahe , the smartest choice of transport would be to rent a car. Keep in mind that a half-hour trip in a local taxi can cost about the same amount as renting a car for a day. Of all the Seychelles islands, it is possible to rent a car only on Mahe . There are several reliable car service providers near the airport and in the capital, available 24 hours a day. A deposit will be required.

In the Seychelles , traffic is on the left!

Some tips :

  • Pay attention to damage to the car and whether it is specified in the contract.
  • Book your favorite car in advance.
  • Do not choose the cheapest options, so-called discounted cars, so as not to waste precious vacation time on returns and replacements.
  • on Mahe , so having plenty of fuel is a plus.

Car rental cost on Mahe : from 70 to 110 dollars per day.

In addition to cars, you can rent buggies on Mahe . So called Mini Mokes are very compact, mainly designed for movement along the coasts. A great option for traveling around the island is a bicycle. There are many rental shops.


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