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Seychelles is not only about beautiful beaches and warm waters of the Indian Ocean, but also stunning mountains that provide unforgettable adventures! Holidays to the Seychelles are undoubtedly all about beach holidays, but if you are looking for a more active holiday and want to enjoy stunning scenery, the Seychelles mountains are the perfect destination.

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The most mountainous terrain of the Seychelles is on the main island of Mahe and offers a unique mixture of rainforests, waterfalls and volcanic ridges. Major mountain peaks include Morne Seychelles and Morne Blanche , each with their own unique features and appeal.

The average height of the Seychelles mountains is 600 m, and the highest peak is Morne Seychelles (905 m). Les Trois Frères , the island's second highest peak, rises 699 m above Victoria. Le Morne Blanc is one of the highest peaks: 667 m.

Seychelles mountains offer many activities for tourists. You can go hiking and trekking along various routes while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding nature. Local tours and guides will help you discover the hidden gems of the Highlands, sharing interesting stories about local plants and animals.


When to go to the Mountains in the Seychelles

The best time to visit mountainous areas is the off-season, when rainfall is less intense. From May to September the dry season begins in the Seychelles , and this is an excellent time for hiking and trekking in the mountains.

Morne Seychellois

One of the popular attractions of the Seychelles mountains is the Morne Seychelles National Park , which stretches over an area of more than 3,000 hectares and offers a variety of hiking trails. This is the highest point at an altitude of more than 900 m. A barely passable path allows you to climb to the very top. As you climb, it narrows until it becomes an inconspicuous path. Le Morne Seychellois rises on green hills, the slopes of which end rather sharply.

The national park, created in the 1970s, boasts lush tropical vegetation and pristine nature. Two winding trails, La Misere and Sans Souci , traverse the park from east to west. On the western slope of the Seychelles There are countless tea trees growing in Morna .

Since the 1970s, the landscape in the western Le Morna gradually transformed into a series of terraces planted with tea trees. And you can get acquainted with the collection of tea leaves: Seychelles factory Tea & Coffee Company , located on the plantations, offers tourists excursions.

There are many attractions in the National Park. For example, the belvedere, built in 1972 on the occasion of the visit of Queen Elizabeth of England. Its shaded platform offers magnificent views of the west coast of Mahe . The school, founded in 1875 by Anglican missionaries for orphans disembarked from slave ships captured by the British, remains only in ruins. But the place retains a strange charm. Seychellois believe that ghosts live here. The remains of a staircase carved into the rock disappear under the vegetation.

The highest peak in the Seychelles, Morne , can be reached via a 5-hour hike through the Morne-Seychelles National Park . Expect wild vegetation, calm rivers, endemic frogs and wolf snakes. The Sans Souci Road winds its way through the park and once you reach the top along rough paths, stunning views await you.


Mont Signal

A drive from Victoria to Mont Signal is a good idea, especially for watching the west coast sunset from the rocky top of the island. A colonial-era watchtower stands sentinel along the route, and a well-marked and paved 1.6-kilometre signposted road runs along the center of the island.

Montagne Glacis

Mount Glacis on the island of Mahe is a birding paradise, home to Seychelles kestrels, blue pigeons, bulbuls , sunbirds and swiftlets. The Montagne-Glacis Important Bird Area is also famous for exotic plantations such as Ceylon cinnamon, paradise plum, cotton fruit and cabbage palm and endemic amphibians and reptiles. Glacis Trail La Reserve offers views of granite cliffs and the east coast of Mahe . Takamaki , palm trees, breadfruit trees, and mango trees stretch along the hills .


Montagne Brulee

Monte Brulé or Montagne Brulé can be reached by a small road from the village of Anse aux Pins : the journey to the top takes 30 minutes. You will be able to enjoy the stunning views of the east coast of Mahe ! The trail is well maintained and marked. During the walk you will come across bridges over streams, mahogany plantations, palm groves and dense forest. And at the end, a wooden observation deck with a charming view awaits you.

Les Dents

Casse walking trail Dent in Les Dents passes through forest, swamps and bushland with several uphill and downhill trails. Located in the Cascade region, Les Dents has two trails that converge on the plateau and then form a waterfall near the cave. After completing 2/3 of the route, panoramic views of the west coast open up. Along the way you will find a ruined distillery and an ancient settlement.


In the Port Glaud region in the north of Mahe is another mountain route, Copolia, with a mountain trail lasting between 45 minutes and 2 hours. It is marked with yellow and blue signs for 1.6 km. The granite peak of the mountain offers panoramic views of the east coast of Mahe and Victoria. Along the trail starting from San Souci Road , you'll find vanilla and cinnamon.


Mount Simpson

Bel Ombre region is famous for the mountain peak Mount Simpson (565 m), which offers magnificent views of the mountain valley. On a clear day, you can see distant Silhouette Island from the top. At a distance of 700 meters is the highest peak of Bel Ombre , Mont Le Niol .


Morne Blanc

Getting to Morne Blanc along the Sans Souci Road , which goes up from Victoria , is an incredible experience. From the top you can clearly see the western coast of Mahe , and the “highlights” of the trails are arched trees over a hundred years old. The height of the peak is 667 m.


Trois Freres

A small 1.4 km paved trail leads from Sans Souci to Mount Les Trois Frères , and to reach the trailhead you need to go through a residential area. This is an easy walk of about 35 minutes. From the trail you can enjoy views of St Anne's Marine Park, Victoria and other islands on the eastern border such as La Digue and Praslin .


Mont Dauban

Silhouette Island boasts the second highest peak in the Seychelles, Mont Dauban , which is often shrouded in fog (740 m). You will pass through pristine rainforest with orchids, rare deciduous trees and mangroves where bats often live. Expect the hike to take approximately 12 hours.

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Seychelles Mountains are a real paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and picturesque landscapes. Here you will find tranquility, privacy and unforgettable adventures surrounded by the splendor of nature. A visit to the mountainous regions of Seychelles is a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural wealth and beauty of this amazing archipelago. Ecotourism distributed in all regions. It is best to use a guide as the routes are often confusing and poorly marked. Not all peaks are open to tourists, but climbing up to a certain distance is allowed.


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