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The cuisine of the distant islands is quite exotic and unfamiliar. It is unlikely that you will be able to find restaurants serving traditional Creole dishes anywhere other than Seychelles . The basic tastes are very similar to Indian and African. During the period of colonization, British and French culinary traditions also took root in the Seychelles . Thus, the cuisine of the Seychelles is a unique intercontinental mix . Gourmets will find something to appreciate here.

Fish, seafood, vegetables and rice form the basis of Seychelles cuisine . Rumor has it that the seafood in the Seychelles is the most delicious in the world. The use of local herbs and spices, generous addition of curries and exotic fruits are also a priority. There are countless fish recipes on the menu. Fried and baked fish, seasoned with a variety of marinades and spices, is complemented by raw or stewed vegetables. Multi-ingredient dishes of Creole cuisine are rich in vitamins and beneficial microelements. What names should you look for on the menu of Seychelles restaurants in order to fully enjoy your meal? Let's look further.


National dishes of the Seychelles

there are no national dishes as such in the Seychelles . But if you set this goal, then the title of leader will definitely go to fish curry. This dish is reminiscent of Indian cuisine, and only freshly caught fish is always prepared. Let's get acquainted with other components of the Creole menu.

Pwason Grie

In other words, grilled fish. Commonly offered are red snapper, bourgeois fish, or snapper . Preference is given to perch. Grilled fish is available in every establishment in the Seychelles - both in a prestigious restaurant and in a small eatery. If you don’t focus on the amount of spices when ordering, there will be a lot of them, especially all kinds of peppers.


Rougay Sosis , Sosis Kreol or Sosis Sale

A dish based on local sausages, which, by the way, are of high quality in the Seychelles . The rich taste comes from a thick tomato sauce seasoned with ginger, garlic and chili pepper .



A delicious octopus tentacle salad that everyone wants to try. The chopped tentacles are languidly cooked in boiling coconut milk. An alternative could be smoked fish, which is also good. A real zurit has both - cold smoked fish and grilled octopus tentacles. Local herbs and spices add a special aroma. The main ingredient is seasoned with saffron, cinnamon, turmeric, fresh ginger, garlic, curry and hot pepper. Grated cabbage, fresh herbs, onions, tomatoes or even fruit slices can be added to the salad.

Curry Coco Zurit

Or octopus curry. The calling card of Seychelles restaurants. A traditional Creole dish, in many ways similar to ordinary zurita , but with the maximum addition of curry. Moreover, both leaves and powdered seasoning are used. The tentacles are usually served as a side dish with basmati rice and chili sauce .

Boulet Pwason ek Friyapen

One of the most mysterious items on the menu of Seychelles restaurants. These are fish balls containing deep-fried tilapia , mixed with breadfruit puree, with the addition of white flour, eggs, onions, garlic, ginger and spices. Delicious and very nutritious thanks to the breadfruit starch that makes Seychelles fish balls so special.

Kari Bonit

For connoisseurs of very spicy tastes. Bonita curry , or bonito curry, is mainly made from large pieces of smoked mackerel, but you can also find assorted fish in it. This is the spiciest dish you will find on the menu. Bonita curry is flavored with chilies , curry leaves, peppers of all kinds, cardamom, curry powder and turmeric. Often served with boiled rice.

Pwason ek diri

Translated, it means nothing more than fish with rice. A classic of the islands, but this dish has a special taste in the Seychelles . All because of local spices and oils. Fruits can be added to rice - mango, banana or kiwi. Pwasong ek Diri is the most common dish among the local population due to its availability and calorie content.



Also called chatini rekin . A traditional Creole dish. It is a puree made from boiled shark meat and local bilimbi fruit , with the addition of onion, lime and turmeric. The puree is served cold and garnished with chopped green papaya. Chutney is one of the most popular takeaway items offered by eateries.


An exotic delicacy for real gourmets. This is bat meat curry. A Seychelles delicacy you won't try anywhere else. According to travelers' notes, it resembles venison.

Bouillon brede

A light and very common first course in the Seychelles . The broth is made from greens (in the local language - brede ). Sometimes it is boiled from chicken or fish. Main ingredients: Chinese lettuce, moringa leaves oilseed , lettuce, bok choy .


A salad that is found on the menu of every restaurant. Quite spicy food. The vegetarian version is served as an addition to the main dish. Shatini consists of grated raw papaya or apple, with the addition of herbs, onions, chili peppers and a mixture of spices. A more satisfying salad includes shark meat or fish. Shatini made from shark meat is the most popular .

Banana roller

Or simply - banana puree with fish. This is an indigenous dish of the islands. Raw bananas are first boiled in coconut milk, then ground with fish. Season generously with ginger and garlic.

Trululu crabs and tek-tek shells

Small crabs are caught at high tide and cooked in a sauce. Worth a try! Shells, which in the Seychelles are fried, boiled and baked, are also served with special sauces . These are the most affordable seafood common on the islands.

Giramon puree

This puree can be either a side dish or a main dish. Made from Seychelles round pumpkin. Nutritious and tasty dish.

Fried bringel

A type of eggplant served fried . And, of course, a lot of spices.

Breadfruit chips

The main snack in the Seychelles . If you're not a fan of chips, you might not be interested, but it's worth a try just for fun.

Exotic desserts Seychelles


In total, there are up to 15 varieties of bananas in the archipelago. They are widely used in local cuisine, and Seychelles practically do not consume them raw. Stewed, fried, boiled, dried and even dried bananas are a common delicacy on the islands.

Be sure to try Ladob ! This is an unusual banana dessert. It is ground and mixed with coconut milk and sugar and boiled over high heat. The finished masterpiece is decorated with fruits.



The exotic fruit of the cucumber tree is one of the main delicacies in the Seychelles . Bilimbi juice is used to make jelly and marmalade. The fruit is also served candied.

Traditional drinks in Seychelles

Kala - palm wine

Palm sap is used to make an intoxicating drink. So don’t be surprised if you see bottles attached to tree trunks on the islands. The stool cooks quite quickly. In just a couple of hours you get a light intoxicating drink with a strength of up to 4%. It looks like milk, fairly diluted with water. But the taste, as for milk, is very unusual.

What else do they drink in the Seychelles :

  • Lemon mint tincture.
  • Fermented sugarcane juice (baka).
  • Coffee drinks and tea, cold and hot.


The cuisine of Seychelles is no less exotic than everything else on the islands. We invite you to an extraordinary culinary journey!

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