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While on holiday in the Seychelles, you will undoubtedly want to visit several islands. To appreciate the natural diversity of the archipelago, it is worth stopping at least on two islands. When planning a trip, it is advisable to find out in advance how to get from one island to another, and what types of transport are most convenient for movement.

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How to get to the main islands of the Seychelles

Nearly all visitors arrive in the Seychelles at Mahe International Airport. The three main islands of the Seychelles (Mahe, Praslin and La Digue) can be quickly reached by ferry. Mahe and Praslin are also linked by domestic flights. For other islands, which are usually a resort with one or more hotels, a private transfer by boat, plane or helicopter. This applies, for example, to Cerf Island, Silhouette, Bird Island or Denis Island.


How to get around the Seychelles

On the larger islands, there are car rentals, autobuoys, and taxis. There are no roads on the resort islands: it is worth moving on foot or by bicycle. Resorts are sometimes equipped with electric or motorized vehicles to transport guests.

  • How to get around on Mahe?

The best way to get around Mahe is by renting a car. You can also use public buses or taxis.

  • How to get around in Praslin?

The best way to get around Praslin is by renting a car. You can also use public buses or taxis.

  • How to get around on La Digue?

The best way to get around La Digue is by bicycle. There are also several taxis on the island.


How to get to different islands

Ferries (Mahe - Praslin - La Digue)

Between the three main islands (Mahe, Praslin, La Digue) a ferry runs every day. But the transfer time should be checked on the spot: new schedules are published every month.

Speedboat Cat Cocos connects Praslin and La Digue with Mahe. It also connects Victoria (Mahe Island) and St. Anne Bay (Praslin Island) in 1 hour. Praslin and La Digue - in 30 minutes. To get to Frigate, Deny Island or Bird, you will have to take a speedboat or boat.

Cat Rose boat connects Praslin and La Digue.

  • Ferry Mahe - Praslin: duration about 60 minutes, cost about 50 euros.
  • Ferry Praslin - La Digue: duration about 15 minutes, cost about 20 euros. To take the Cat Ferry Cocos on La Digue, you need to go to a port called Cat Сocos Berth. It is located on the outskirts of the capital city of Victoria.
  • Ferry Mahe - La Digue: duration about 90 minutes, cost about 70 euros.

In most cases, when traveling from Mahe to La Digue (or vice versa), you will need to take a ferry that stops at Praslin. And then transfer to another ferry. Direct service between Mahe and La Digue runs on Fridays. Ferry tickets should be booked in advance. You can buy them online.


Air travel in the Seychelles

Mahe Airport (15 km from Victoria) is used for international flights. Other islands also have small airports for inter-island traffic. There are more than 20 flights a day between Mahe and Praslin.

  • Flight Mahe - Praslin

You can fly from Mahe to Praslin. Flights are operated several times a day. Air operated flight Seychelles, takes 15 to 20 minutes. The ticket price depends on the type of fare (fixed or flexible). The flight is operated by a twin-engine propeller-driven aircraft that can carry up to 19 passengers. Not a cheap treat, but what an amazing view of the ocean!

  • Flight Mahe - Praslin: Duration - about 20 minutes, price varies.

To board a flight to Mahe, you need to go to the airport's domestic terminal. It is just a few meters from the international airport and can be reached on foot in a few minutes. To catch a flight to Praslin, you need to go to the island's small airport, located near Grand Anse.

When booking, please check the maximum allowed baggage weight. If the ticket was purchased at the same time as an international flight, the same restrictions generally apply on board all aircraft. If a domestic flight has been booked separately, the maximum weight is usually between 20 and 23 kg.


How to get to Praslin by ferry or plane

To get from Mahe to Praslin, you can take a ferry (duration about 1 hour) or a plane (duration about 15 minutes). To find the best option, you need to consider cost, departure and arrival times, length of trip (the ocean can be more hectic during the summer months), itinerary for your island tour, location of your hotel, prone to seasickness.


Domestic flights in the Seychelles

The Seychelles has domestic flights from Mahe to Praslin, Bird Island, Denis Island, Alphonse and Desroches. However, regardless of your accommodation, only flights to Praslin can be booked. For other islands, flights are included in the accommodation booking: this only applies to hotel guests located on the islands.

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How to get to Cerf Island

Cerf Island is a small island located near Mahe. From the east coast of Mahe, more precisely from the island of Eden, only 5 minutes by boat to Cerf.

If you have planned a stay on Cerf Island, there is no need to book a transfer: a short boat trip is usually arranged by the hotel.

Boat Mahe - Cerf: Duration about 5 minutes, cost from 0 to 5 € (only for customers staying in a hotel on Cerf Island).

However, as a visitor, you can go to Cerf Island on a tour of the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park. This will allow you to admire the wonderful nature of the protected area, in particular its underwater world, as well as the charming island of Moyenne and, of course, Cerf Island.


Access to other islands

In addition to the three main islands, you can also spend part of your holiday on the other islands of the Seychelles. Basically, these are resort islands. As a rule, the hotel organizes the transfer of its guests, and the island is visited only by guests of the resort. Travel to these islands is always made from Mahe.

  • Round Island - boat, 10 minutes
  • Silhouette - boat, 45 minutes
  • Bird Island - plane, 30 minutes
  • Denis Island - plane, 30 minutes
  • Alphonse Island - by plane, 60 minutes
  • Frigate Island - helicopter (15 minutes) or boat (90 minutes)
  • North Island - helicopter (15 minutes)
  • Felicite Island - helicopter (20 minutes) or boat from La Digue (15 minutes) or Praslin (25 minutes)
  • Cosmoledo Atoll - 2 flights by plane + boat (4 hours)
  • Astove Atoll - 2 flights by plane (3 hours)


Transfer by private helicopter

You can also get to the Seychelles by helicopter from Mahe. You should look at the Zil Air website for current information on directions and prices. Helicopter flight can significantly reduce travel time. However, the costs are much higher than for a ferry.


Buses in the Seychelles

Traveling by bus in the Seychelles is the best way to get to the attractions of the island at a low cost. In particular, on Mahe and Praslin, the bus network is very developed and makes it easy to get around. The advantages of Seychelles transport are many: you get to know the locals, admire the scenery, and travel to interesting places at a ridiculous price.

  • Buses run around Mahe and Praslin, but without fixed stops. They stop at marked places only if the driver is waved down or informed that someone wants to get out. Buses usually run every half an hour or every hour. If you want to explore the two islands by bus, you will need a little more time than by car, as getting from point A to point B can be difficult.
  • A bus ride costs from 7 to 15 Seychelles rupees or from 45 to 99 euro cents. The latest bus schedule can be found on the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation website.
  • Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) buses operate to all hotels and guesthouses. The frequency varies depending on the lines: a quarter of an hour for the main ones and 30 minutes or 1 hour for the rest.
  • Do not plan night trips, as there may be no flights after 7-8 pm. Although the so-called “night” service works, after 20:00.
  • Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus. It is more convenient to purchase a smart card to pay for your trips in advance.
  • The price of a bus ticket is the same regardless of the distance.
  • Buses run in front of the main hotels, which is convenient for travel.
  • Victoria Central Bus Station is on Palm Street.
  • Buses cannot accommodate people with disabilities, unlike taxis and inter-island boats.

By bus to Mahe

  • The Seychelles bus network makes it possible to get to some of the most beautiful beaches on our planet for as little as 0.30 euros. On Mahe, the bus is the most used means of transport. Old Indian buses are used, stops are marked in white letters on the roadway.
  • On Mahe, buses run to all areas of the island from 5:30 to 18:30. For information on the schedule and frequency of departures, it is best to contact Victoria Coach Station upon arrival.

By bus to Praslin

Praslin has only two bus lines that serve the entire island. The first line connects Anse Boudin with Anse Kerlan via Mont Plaisir. The second line connects Anse Boudin with Mont Plaisir via the famous Valle de Mai.

These two lines serve all of Praslin's tourist sites, including Baie-Sainte-Anne, Vallée de Mai, Praslin Domestic Airport and Grand Anse. Check the schedule on site.

From the airport to the city center

The airport bus stop is right outside the exit (price: 12 rupees per ticket). There are also taxis there. From the small Praslin airport - 12 rupees per bus or taxi - 150 rupees to Grand Anse. Mahe International Airport is also served by buses, but some drivers refuse to carry too much luggage.


Cycling in La Digue

The vast majority of visitors and residents of La Digue get around by bike. The small size of the island allows you to get anywhere in a short time. Bicycles can be rented at the port. The cost of renting a bike for the day is about 10 euros. The price is reduced if you rent a bike for several days at once.

Although La Digue is a small island, cycling on it can be tiring due to both the heat and humidity and the hilly nature of the island. When renting, you need to make sure that the bike is in good condition and, above all, that the gear and brakes are in good working order. Bicycles on La Dige does not need to be locked.

Take a good flashlight or headlamp with you for safe cycling after sunset.

Be sure to keep to the left side of the road. Take enough water with you when you travel.


Taxi in the Seychelles

On Mahe and Praslin you can call a taxi. Some cars are present on La Digue. Taxi is a rather expensive way to get around the archipelago, but in certain situations it can be a good option. For example, if you want to have dinner and a few glasses of wine, you can safely take a taxi back to your hotel. If you need to get from the port or airport to the hotel, it is usually cheaper to book a transfer in advance than to take a taxi upon arrival.

How much does a taxi cost in the Seychelles?

A 20-minute taxi ride in the Seychelles costs about 20 euros (for example, from the airport to the port). Many taxis do not have a meter and you will need to agree a price with the driver in advance. You can pay in rupees or euros.

How to call a taxi in the Seychelles?

You can find taxis at the port, airport and other places. There is no standard telephone number for taxis. You can also order a taxi from the staff at your hotel or restaurant where you are dining.

  • Taxi is recognizable by the yellow stripes on the car. They are often parked in Victoria (especially near the Clock Tower), at the airport and in front of large hotels. Fares are displayed on taxi meters.
  • Keep an eye on taxi prices. The official price list exists and you can request it before you start haggling.


How to get around the other islands of the Seychelles

If you spend part of your holiday in the Seychelles other than Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, you will probably be walking most of the time. On these islands, a short walk is enough to get to any beach or attraction. Some of them, such as Alphonse Island, Denis Island and North Island, provide bicycles. Electric golf carts are usually available for special occasions, such as long distances that cannot be covered on foot or when carrying suitcases. However, most often such vehicles are driven by hotel employees.


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Transport in the Seychelles is quite affordable: don't miss the opportunity to see the most of the exotic islands!


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