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Cyprus in the winter is an unusual travel idea. Even without the warm sea, the island can surprise you: Christmas markets, exciting trips and delicious Cypriot cuisine!

Winter weather in Cyprus

Definitely, the winter on the island is warmer than in many European countries. In Cyprus, the temperature is kept within +15...+20 degrees Celsius. Although sometimes winds and rains drop in, in general, the weather is quite comfortable. But the sea does get cold in December and February, about +18 degrees. On a clear day, it is quite possible to sunbathe, and the "walruses" can taste what the Cypriot sea is like in winter.

During the day, it is not cold for tourists to walk in light clothes. You can run into bad weather, but Cyprus has 320 sunny days a year. The temperature in the mountains can vary by 10 degrees. Take warm clothes with you if you are going to go to the peaks.

Tip: always take warm jackets and blankets with you in winter to Cyprus, because there is no central heating in hotels in Cyprus. You can warm up with air conditioning. Check with the hotel about their heating arrangements before booking.

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If you are hoping to travel to Cyprus in December to be able to sunbathe and swim in the warm sea, then the weather will disappoint you. It is quite warm in Cyprus in December by harsh European standards - on average, about +17C during the day and only + 10C at night, but this is not enough for swimming. In Larnaca, it gets colder at night in December, it often rains and cold winds blow.

The water temperature is usually not more than +15C...+18C. Paphos experiences a real Mediterranean winter in December and the resort town plunges into a sleepy off-season - there are very few tourists, and some places are closed.

On average, the temperature on the island is about the same. The coldest place in Cyprus in December is Nicosia and, due to the frequent winds that disperse the clouds, Larnaca. It is better to choose Paphos (luxury hotels, history and nature), Protaras, Limassol, Polis. Ayia Napa can get very boring as all seasonal establishments close. And most of the establishments there are seasonal.

If you are visiting Cyprus in December and are hoping to take a dip, book a hotel with a heated pool. And don't forget warm clothes as you won't be able to wear shorts and tank tops.



The weather forecast in Cyprus for January, at first glance, is not optimistic. The air temperature during the day is about +15C degrees (it rarely drops below this mark), at night +6C...+8C. The water temperature in the sea is +15С...+17С degrees, which, of course, is not enough for swimming. Although the biggest minus of the January weather is sudden rains. And the days are mostly not very sunny, but rather overcast and gloomy. And if you're hoping to get a tan in Cyprus in January, forget it. In general, January on this island is considered the rainiest and coldest month. If you want to visit Cyprus in winter, it is better to do it in December or February when the days are not so rainy. Again, compared to the rest of Europe, where there are snowfalls, blizzards and frosts, January in Cyprus is still characterized as warm. But rain and wind can derail plans, so you need to be prepared for this and be flexible.


Despite the fact that February is still a winter month in the calendar, in Cyprus it marks the beginning of the awakening of nature and the onset of spring. On the snow-covered slopes of the mountains, you can already see how white-blue snowdrops bloom and jasmine and lemon trees bloom. It is impossible to predict what the weather will be like, as February is characterized by quite frequent changes. The number of rainy days can be up to seven per month. The sun still appears in the sky infrequently, but it begins to shine a little more, warming the air up to +17, and sometimes up to +20 degrees.

The sea water temperature reaches +16C degrees. Swimming is still cold. But according to legend (it says that it was here that Aphrodite emerged from the sea), those couples who plunge into the water on February 14 will live a long and happy life together. That is why so many people go to sea in February, despite the rather cold water. But only one day in a month. And most prefer to swim in indoor pools.


Features of winter recreation

  • The winter sea is incredibly beautiful and shimmers from delicate turquoise to dark blue sapphire.
  • Sunbeds are free: no one takes money for them anymore, because there are too few tourists.
  • Nightlife in Cyprus is suspended: loud Ayia Napa falls silent. But there is a unique opportunity to see Cyprus as it is, completely different from the tourist season.
  • Days in winter in Cyprus are shorter. Sunset comes at 4:30 pm. And after 22:00 the streets become deserted, the restaurants stop working. Therefore, it is worth considering your leisure time.
  • Winter is perfect for trekking. At this time, it's great to conquer the Troodos mountains offering many walks for both amateurs and professional mountain conquerors.


Cyprus resorts in winter

  • Paphos. A beautiful promenade, along which you will meet many luxury hotels and chic restaurants. They will still work. You can see the historical part of the city, go to archaeological excavations, take a photo near the lighthouse. Be sure to head to the bay of Aphrodite, which is located 10 km from the resort. According to legend, it was there that the goddess emerged from the sea.
  • Larnaca. In winter, it pleases with a warmer sea than Paphos, but still it is cool for swimming. It's time to take a walk along the promenade, which ends with a huge port.
  • Limassol. Perhaps the largest city where life never stops. Huge avenues, a long embankment, cafes and restaurants - life is always in full swing here. Come see the White Stones and the Archaeological Park of Kourion!
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The cost of hotels in Cyprus in winter

One of the reasons why tourists go to Cyprus in winter is that even the most respectable hotels significantly reduce prices at this time of the year. And relaxing in a luxury spa hotel by the sea is much more affordable. In addition, in the cool season there are much fewer tourists. You can see everything, get to know the island without queues and crowds. And walking around archaeological sites in winter is much more pleasant.

Prices for hotel rooms are much more pleasant: they are reduced by a third, and sometimes by half. For example, 70 € for a breakfast room in a four-star hotel with its own spa and gym. In season, such a hotel will cost at least 100 €.


What to do in winter in Cyprus

  • Go to the ski season. In Cyprus, a ski resort opens in winter in the Troodos mountains. The skiing season usually starts in December and lasts until March. Equipment can be rented on site. If it snows in the mountains, then you cannot drive up the mountain in a car that is not all-wheel drive or a car that is not equipped with chains. Wait until the snow stops falling and the roads are cleared. Then the passage will be opened for everyone. And the day after the snowfall is the best time for skiing.
  • Collect mushrooms. More than 100 species of edible mushrooms grow on the island. Among them there is even a king-mushroom - white, which all mushroom pickers hunt for. And there are also milk mushrooms and mushrooms. Collection time is from November to April. And this is an ecologically clean area where you can eat mushrooms without fear.
  • Not far from Larnaca airport, where colorful pink flamingos arrive when it gets cool. Sometimes it is even worth going specially to Cyprus to see this incredible sight! You can get there by bus number 425. Lake Aliki is a huge salt lake. In summer, the place of the lake is just a white salt marsh, and in winter, the reservoir turns into a full-flowing lake. On its shore rises the beautiful Hala Sultan Teke Mosque, which is considered one of the hallmarks of Larnaca. From the end of November, pink flamingos flock to the lake for the winter. There may be thousands of them! The maximum recorded record is 22,000 colorful birds! Pink flamingos graze in shallow water, but do not let them close to them. Therefore, bring binoculars and a powerful zoom with you to take photos. You can watch pink flamingos until March. By the way, you can’t shoot amazing birds from a drone, because it scares them. For shooting from a quadrocopter, you can pay a fine and even get deported from the country.
  • Winter diving. Sea +18 degrees allows divers in wetsuits to continue diving quite comfortably. The most interesting point is the ferry Zenobium near Larnaca. In the summer of 1980, a Swedish ferry sank off the coast of Cyprus. He performed his first flight, for which he was called the Mediterranean Titanic. On board were more than a hundred cars. And now this property is scattered on the seabed one and a half kilometers from the Central embankment of Larnaca. Relatively small diving depth: from 18 to 40 m. The cost of diving is from 70 €. In winter, there are no queues of divers and you can safely swim in December-February. At the same time, diving clubs are still working.
  • See Lefkara. This is the most famous village, which falls into the top of the most beautiful villages in Europe. Lefkara is divided into 2 parts: lower and upper, and seems to cling to the mountain slope. It is famous for its needlework: it is the birthplace of the famous lace. And men make filigree silver jewelry. The village looks most beautiful in February: almond trees bloom on the stones at this time. And what silence! And in summer it's too crowded. For a change, you can look into the artesian winery in the neighborhood.
  • Go to the donkeys. Ride one of the symbols of Cyprus. Donkeys have long been the main helpers of the inhabitants of the island. One of the largest farms in Europe Golden Donkeys Farm is located in the village of Skarinou. Over 200 donkeys live here! You can cuddle with them and take pictures for memory. And even try donkey milk liqueur, chocolate, Cleopatra's mask and a variety of cosmetic products. And for 8 euros they offer a buffet restaurant where you can taste dishes without restrictions. It is better to get on the E105 highway. You can’t get there by public transport from Larnaca: only through the village of Kofinou.
  • Wine tourism. Winemaking on the island is very common, but you rarely find local wines on foreign shelves. The stock of wine on the island is only enough for tourists and residents, because the island itself is small. There are a total of 16 indigenous grape varieties in Cyprus, the most common being white Xynesteri and red Mavro. Famous Cypriot dessert wine Commandaria made by mixing these two varieties. Tourists drink 40% of the noble drink. Very little is imported, so Cypriot wine is a rare bird in foreign stores. There are many local wineries: as a rule, these are small farms in the mountains that are happy to receive tourists and arrange tastings. The cost is from 6 to 20 € per bottle.
  • Gastronomic tourism. It's time for a cult Meze. This tradition came to Cyprus from Syria or Lebanon and took root very well. A set of appetizers does not have a clear regulation, but, as a rule, includes more than 10 different items - from salads and sauces to meat or fish dishes. Each tavern has its own set. And almost no two are alike. Adequate cost - within €15-20 per set. One meze will feed two hungry tourists . Be sure to taste halloumi cheese, Commandaria wine. It is the most famous, a bottle costs from 10 euros. And for dessert - a variety of pastries.
  • Spa. It is to him that you devote the maximum amount of time in winter, while there is such an opportunity. Choose a good resort where you can soak up the procedures, since there is no need to rush to the sea. The spa complex is a great solution if the weather turns bad. Although rains are rare, they sometimes drop in in December or January. And at this time, the best thing to do is to treat yourself to spa treatments.


Holidays in Cyprus in winter

Christmas markets have not been held on the island before, but since there are many European tourists, the islanders decided to satisfy their requests. And now in winter every village surprises guests with its unique style. In Cyprus, you will not find the same products at festivals: local brands are highly valued on the island and they are proud of their products.

Get to know traditional crafts. In the village of Letumbou, traditional Cypriot halloumi cheese and festive bread have been prepared for a long time, demonstrating the production process. Platres will offer lavender products and knitwear. In Agros, try rose jam, see handmade jewelry, rose cosmetics. In Kakopetria, the residence of St. Vasilis awaits you, which is a kind of analogue of Santa. They arrange holidays with elves, horses, generously treat them with apples and even treat them with free mulled wine.

In the village of Anogyra, you can see how carob products are made. In Cyprus, it is called carob : it is used to make powder for baking syrup, which is seasoned with Cypriot yogurt, sweets. It tastes like caramel. This is a completely natural sweet! In Platres, they offer to make New Year's toys out of clay. Another interesting location with an old wine press in the village of Omodos . By the way, for the New Year they bake a pie with a coin, which they hide inside for good luck!


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Cyprus will find something to entertain and enchant you even in winter, despite the absence of a seaside holiday. This is a great choice for a relaxing, unhurried and colorful holiday!


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