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The Indian Ocean makes up 20% of our planet's surface waters and is the world's third largest. It borders on Asia to the north, Africa to the west, and Australia to the east. It includes several regional seas, including the Somali, Laccadive , Andaman , Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

The Indian Ocean has beautiful tropical islands with pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, green jungles and breathtaking landscapes. This makes it one of the most enticing travel destinations on the planet. In the vastness of the Indian Ocean you can find a huge number of islands, many of which remain unexplored, virgin corners of the globe. Distinctive cultures and nationalities, a pleasant climate, tropical nature and a sea of adventure - all this can be found on the islands of the Indian Ocean. We'll talk about the most amazing of them below.



The Republic of Maldives is the birthplace of luxury hotels on the bounty beaches of the Indian Ocean. Island resorts with the most luxurious logs are located near unexplored corners of the wild tropics. The Maldives archipelago consists of about 1,200 islands, and only 200 of them have been developed by civilization.

Tourism in the Maldives plays a vital role in the economic life of the country and is developing by leaps and bounds. Every year, more and more new hotels appear here on private islands, which offer the entire existing range of luxury services : exquisite restaurants of world cuisines , water activities and diving , salons of the world's best spas , luxurious interior designs of villas and residences on the beach and over the water . It was in the Maldives that the world's first underwater restaurant appeared , where the inhabitants of tropical waters swim around you during your meal. And this is not the only reason to book a hotel in the Maldives x Islands .

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When to fly to the Maldives

The high season for holidays in the Maldives is considered to be the period from October to April , when monsoon rains are minimal. In general, the weather in the Maldives remains stable all year round, ranging from 24 to 30°C.

More information about holidays in the Maldives by month :


What to visit in the Maldives

Be sure to take a walk around Male - the capital and only city of the island state. It is small, but the main attractions are concentrated here countries , of course, in addition to natural resources. Fans of snorkeling and diving will appreciate the protected Baa Atoll and its Hanifaru Bay , as well as the southern islands of Addu Atoll . The most impressive natural place in the Maldives is considered to be the glowing Vaadu Beach on the local island of Raa Atoll .

On private islands you will find all the benefits of a luxury holiday, and on local islands you will get acquainted with the culture and way of life of the islanders. The archipelago consists of 26 atolls. Check out the most interesting and popular ones here . The Maldives are like pearls of the Indian Ocean, scattered over hundreds of kilometers. Choose yours!

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Pay attention to the transfer conditions and the distance of the hotel from Male , where the International Airport is located.



On par with the Maldives , in the Indian Ocean there is another archipelago with paradisiacal nature. It consists of 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. The Seychelles Islands are the land of giant coconuts and turtles, evergreen tropics and centuries-old rocks carved by water on the coasts. This is one of the world's miniature countries, which, along with this, is the most prestigious and expensive resort destination. Seychelles are located below the equator line, so it is always summer here and there are conditions for beach relaxation . Island safari is also an integral part of the holiday, helped by the amazing nature. Seychelles offers luxury holidays, rich island flora and underwater fauna, excellent diving , snorkeling and many other activities.

Ma e , Prasen and La Deigh is the three main tourist islands in the Seychelles , with hotels to suit every budget and amazing nature. The capital and only city of Seychelles is located on Mahe - Victoria. A place of colorful markets and Creole architecture. Near the city there is an international airport through which all travelers pass.

Whichever island you choose, it will not be difficult to visit the neighboring one , since water transport is well established. This is another advantage of Seychelles - mobile travel and, as a result, intense travel around the Seychelles . Here you will find many excursion tours, safaris, sea cruises, diving and snorkeling trips at the best sites.


Must see in Seychelles

  • Anne's National Marine Park on Mahe Island , near Victoria. The original beauty of the Seychelles coasts and underwater world. The park occupies 6 small islands. You can rent a boat or yacht, there is a diving center .
  • Morne Seychellois National Park . A reserve at the foot of the main Seychelles peak Morne . Don't miss the stunning views in Seychelles' main park , which takes up almost a third of Mahe Island . Interesting excursion with a guide. You will see dense palm groves, tea, cinnamon and vanilla plantations, take pictures with giant turtles and visit tea production.
  • May Valley on Praslin Island . A tropical reserve where you can see one of the symbols of Seychelles - the sea coconut palm and its huge fruits. Besides Coco de Mer, there are many other endemic plants in the park. Vallée de Mai is a UNESCO natural site.
  • Beaches of Lazio and Beau Vallon . The Seychelles has many stunning beaches, the most picturesque of which are Beau Vallon on Mahe and Lazio on Praslin . Beau Vallon is very conveniently located a few kilometers from the capital Victoria. Lazio is a recognized leader among the most beautiful coasts in the world. These are heavenly places for the best stories , surrounded by pristine tropics and Seychelles rocks.
  • Cousin is a granite islet near Praslin , which amazes with its unearthly landscapes. Huge ancient boulders surrounded by dense tropics , home to multiple species of birds. An ideal place for privacy. The only hotel on Kuzin is open for only 10 guests.
  • La Island Dig - Source Bays d'Argent and Reunion . These are the places that are really worth seeing in La Dige . Source d'Argent is a mecca for photographers. Soft pink sand and stone giants on the coasts create ideal locations for photo shoots . The main asset of Reunion Bay is the sculptures created in the 5th century.


When to go on holiday to Seychelles

The weather in the Seychelles is always ideal, as the air and water temperatures remain stable. True, from November to March the winds intensify, bringing monsoon rains. Peak precipitation usually occurs in December-January. To catch stable sunshine in the Seychelles , go on vacation in the summer , from April to September .

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Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa
Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

Bali , Indonesia

Bali is one of the main resort centers of the entire Malay archipelago, which is famous not only for its endless coastlines, but also for its special local culture. A vacation to Bali is a dream come true for anyone who wants to visit Indonesia. The island is considered one of the most beautiful tropical destinations on the planet. Here you can perfectly combine an active holiday with a beach holiday, get carried away with trekking , diving and surfing, see old temples and experience the special atmosphere of Bali .

On the southern and western sides, Bali is washed by the Indian Ocean. It is in this part of the island that the best coastlines and modern resort centers are open - Kuta, Seminyak , Jimbaran , Legian , Canggu , Uluwatu Sanur and Nusa Dua . Ngurah Rai International Airport and the administrative center of Denpasar are also located in the southern part Bali .

Why fly to Bali

  • Get acquainted with the unique Balinese culture, which in many aspects differs from the cultures of other Indonesian islands.
  • Visit Ubud - the spiritual center of Bali and the entire Hindu world.
  • Climb the legendary Batur volcano .
  • Visit authentic Balinese artisan settlements.
  • See old temples and palaces.
  • Travel among cascading rice fields and dense jungle.
  • Enjoy the gentle ocean on the wide Balinese beaches .
  • Take time to dive in Bali and go to amazing underwater sites with shipwrecks and rich coral gardens.


What places are worth visiting in Bali

  • Monkey forest in Ubud
  • Elephant Cave ( Goa Gadja )
  • A park elephants (Bali Elephant Safari Park & Lodge)
  • A park birds (Bali Bird Park)
  • Tirtagangga Water Palace
  • Excursion to the active volcano Batur
  • Bukit Peninsula


When to vacation in Bali

The island has only two seasons - wet and dry (winter/summer). From April to October you will find more opportunities for active holidays. At this time, you can not only bask on the beach or in the pool, but also go on a trip around the island . During the winter months, that is, from November to March, plans may have to be changed due to frequent monsoon rains.

About the pros and cons of Balinese weather here .

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Lost in the Indian Ocean is the small but very beautiful Republic of Mauritius , which consists of a large main island and several nearby islands. This is a state in Southeast Africa, with amazing beaches and incredibly rich nature. Mauritius has gone through a long path of colonization, from which its multicultural society was formed. Today the island amazes tourists with its mix of folk festivals, traditions and cuisine. In the entire Indian Ocean, Mauritius was the first tropical destination chosen by tourists. This happened back in the 18th century, so Mauritius retains a certain charm of a classic resort. There is not much modern night entertainment here, but a huge number of natural places , activities on land and water.

The capital of Mauritius is the modern city of Port Louis , located in the northeast, surrounded by the Moka mountain range . The transport system is well developed. If you want to travel in a rented car, you can choose the most comfortable options in Port Louis. Mauritius Airport is located 50 kilometers south of the capital.

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Climate and weather in Mauritius

The weather in Mauritius is ideal all year round. Compared to other islands of the Indian Ocean, winter here is less humid, that is, it is considered a dry season. In other words, summer in Mauritius lasts from November to April, and winter from May to October . The summer months (November - April) can be hot, with average temperatures up to 31°C. In the center and east of the island there is a large amount of rainfall during this season. Summer is most suitable for divers and ocean fishing enthusiasts. In July-August the winds become stronger, creating ideal conditions for surfers . For multifaceted recreation and travel, it is worth considering the transitional, off-season months - May and October .

Everything you must see in Mauritius can be found here .



Besides Mauritius, in the western Indian Ocean there is the fourth largest island in the world, the beauty of which is difficult to describe in words. Madagascar is home to the most stunning safari excursions, incredibly rich wildlife, heavenly beaches, ancient landscapes with baobab trees and ancient volcanoes. The west coast of the island is very popular and dotted with tourist regions. The most popular resort is Nosy Be , where the modern infrastructure for guests is at the highest level: hotels, inns, restaurants, clubs and snow-white beaches.

What to do in Madagascar

This is an island of nature reserves, home to exotic species, endemic plants and preserved karst rocks. Traveling to exotic places in Madagascar will bring great pleasure.

  • Be sure to visit the nature reserves of Tsingy de Bemaraja , Montagne d'Ambre and Sainte-Marie Island.
  • Experience African red desert scenery at Isalo National Park .
  • Take a stroll along the Avenue of the Baobabs (on the road to Tsingy de Bemaraha ).
  • Get to know the island's colorful capital, Antananarivo.
  • Go on a tour among the range of extinct craters in the Ankaratra volcanic region . Alien species await you.
  • Admire the funny lemurs, the island's living attraction.


High season in Madagascar

The weather in Madagascar is consistently acceptable all year round for all types of leisure activities - from beach carelessness to extreme hiking and diving . However, the high season is considered to be the period from May to October , when there is significantly less rainfall.


Sri Lanka

The list of beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean must include Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. This is one of the most sought-after resort destinations in Asia. Visiting Sri Lanka is like visiting South India, but with more unique cultural assets, established Buddhism, exotic nature and tourism amenities. It is separated from the mainland by only 32 kilometers. The largest city and unofficial capital of the island is Colombo.

Sri Lanka has three international airports and a national airline, SriLankan. Airlines . Therefore, it is convenient to travel through it to tropical islands.


What to see in Sri Lanka

The island state lures travelers with its history, ancient cities, unusual cuisine, green panoramas of tea plantations and mountain peaks, as well as the most exciting excursions. There are as many as eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites here. These are mainly ancient cave temples, with interesting stories and legends.

  • Sinharaja Rain Forest - Mast do in Sri Lanka. A place of unique ecosystem, an invaluable representative of the evergreen rainforest. There are several scenic routes through the forest that are best taken with a local guide.
  • Don't miss a visit to the majestic Sigiriya , or Lion Rock, 370 meters above sea level. At its top there are the ruins of the palace of King Kassapa I (5th century AD).


When to vacation in Sri Lanka

The high season on the island is November - April . During these months there is practically no precipitation in the form of prolonged rains. In the summer months, from May to October, on the other hand, frequent monsoon rains can hinder travel. However, precipitation usually occurs at night. Among the advantages of vacationing in the summer is that it will cost much less.

There are an inexhaustible number of amazing places in the Indian Ocean. Choose a direction and go in search of the best moments !



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